JD-U RCP Singh slams Nitish Kumar for switching alliances

RCP Singh, a former JD(U) leader, criticized Nitish Kumar on Thursday for frequently switching alliances and predicted that the Janata Dal (United) and the Lalu Prasad Yadav-led Rashtriya Janata Dal would merge soon. He also said that the youth of Bihar must unite to free the State from the mismatched alliance of both parties.

How often will Nitish Kumar change sides? He has done it four times already—in 1994, 2013, 2017, and 2022—according to Singh. “It’s for sure. What are their choices? When asked whether JD(U) and RJD will unite, he said, “.

JD(U) and RJD will undoubtedly combine. It is imperative that Bihar’s young band together to liberate the State from the unbalanced alliance of both parties and prevent Bihar from being destroyed.

“With my departure from the party, JD(Ulast )’s days are drawing near. He said the party had been in the RJD’s lap under Nitish Kumar. Singh, who left the JD(U) earlier this month, said he would tour Bihar before deciding whether or not to work with the BJP.

“I’m driving right now. My coworkers called. I’m going to tour Bihar, and I’ll make a choice after talking to the workers, ” the former JD(U) leader said. RCP Singh, a former union minister who recently left Janata Dal (United), had previously come under fire from Nitish Kumar, who said that despite the party giving him important posts, Singh “messed up” a lot.

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Unhone Bahut gadbad Kiya (he messed up a lot). Who previously knew him? I helped him soar to new heights. In 2020, I offered him my position as party leader. Significant responsibilities were delegated.

We treated him with great respect. We requested him to give up the party leader position when he was appointed as a minister at the Center and transferred it to Lalan Ji. By his words, he has wounded party members’ feelings, Kumar told local media.

RCP Singh was served with a show-cause notice by JD (U) because he and his family had “accumulated enormous immovable property from 2013 to 2022,” and “several irregularities” had surfaced.

After quitting the BJP-led NDA as Chief Minister earlier this month and reestablishing relations with RJD, Kumar said that he had requested four JD-U members for the federal government but had been ignored.

“How many Biharians were made ministers at the federal level by the BJP? I commanded them to ordain pastors from among our people. Four ministers from our party were what I requested. They didn’t donate, “said Kumar. When asked why the BJP and his party had broken their coalition, Nitish Kumar jabbed at the former ally.

“Our celebration included conversations since guests requested them. Even during elections, successful candidates claimed that the BJP did not assist them, while losing candidates claimed that the BJP was responsible for their failure. I have to protect my group and follow the will of the crowd “explained Kumar.