Karti Chidambaram’s Aide Gets Bail in Visa Bribery Case

After 24 days in jail, a Delhi court granted Karti Chidambaram’s assistant release in the alleged “bribe for visa case.” The court remarked that the “investigating agency has attempted to play clever” in detaining Bhaskararaman, noting that “it looks to this court as though the investigating agency had a purpose of arresting Bhaskararaman in this matter from the beginning, rather than first interviewing him.”

Bhaskararaman’s lawyer informed the court that the search of his home began at 7.30 a.m. on May 17 and lasted until 6 p.m. After which, he was transported to the agency and issued a notice. He was taken into custody late in the evening.

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“The accused was practically and physically in the custody of CBI officers at the time of its delivery,” the court said in its bail ruling, “and hence, he had no liberty to take recourse to legal remedies or to submit himself in the court of a Judicial Magistrate, as given in the said notice.”

The court also stated that “even if the time for taking action is calculated from the year 2017, the registration of the present FIR is delayed,” even though the alleged offense was committed in 2011 and the recovery of alleged 93,000 incriminating e-mails between Karti Chidambaram, Bhaskararaman, and others took place in 2017.

The judge granted Bhaskararaman bail in the case, citing a lack of evidence, on the condition that he help with the inquiry and not influence witnesses or tamper with evidence.