Kerala Gold Smuggling Case: Accused Claims Pinarayi Vijayan’s Involvement

Swapna Suresh, the main suspect in the Kerala gold smuggling case, stated that on Tuesday, she had testified in court regarding Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, his wife, and daughter’s participation in participating in the case.

“I’ve already testified in court 164 times about a danger to my life. All of the persons engaged in this case have been disclosed in court by me. In addition, I have filed a petition in court requesting protection. They’re thinking about it. I have testified in court regarding the participation of M Sivasankar (then Kerala CMO’s main secretary), the Chief Minister, the CM’s wife Kamala, the CM’s daughter Veena, his secretary CM Raveendran, then Chief Secretary Nalini Netto IAS, then minister KT Jaleel, and others “she said

According to Swapna, Mr Vijayan allegedly delivered luggage containing money while in Dubai in 2016.

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“M Sivasankar phoned me in 2016 when the Chief Minister was in Dubai. I was the consulate’s secretary at the time. M Sivasankar informed me that the CM had forgotten luggage that needed to be sent to Dubai as soon as possible. The luggage was turned over to a diplomat at the embassy, as directed by the consulate general. We discovered the bag contained money when the consulate officer brought it in. In the consulate, we have a scanning machine. Then we have to scan any packages that come. That’s how it all began, “she said.

She said that she followed Mr Sivasankar’s orders and performed what he told her to do.

“Surprisingly, we have transported biriyani vessels of considerable weight from the Consul General’s residence to Cliff House (CM’s official residence) in the consulate’s car. This was following Mr Sivasankar’s instructions. It wasn’t simply biryani; there were metal items as well. There have been several cases similar to this. When brought to Cliff House, I believe it is common sense (in response to whether or not CM is aware). “Swapna went on to say more.

She also encouraged the court and the investigative authorities to do their jobs properly.

“The rest has already been spoken in court. There is a case under investigation, and the inquiry should be conducted properly. If everyone is involved, the court and the investigating authorities should listen to the accused and grasp their participation, according to the decree of involvement, “she continued.

The smuggling of gold into Kerala via diplomatic routes is the Kerala gold smuggling case subject. It was discovered when the customs agency in Thiruvananthapuram caught 30 kilograms of gold worth 14.82 crores smuggled in a cargo disguised as diplomatic luggage on July 5, 2019.

In November of last year, Swapna was freed from prison after serving 16 months in prison.

The Enforcement Directorate, the National Investigation Agency (NIA), and the Customs Department also investigate the matter.

Swapna Suresh said earlier this year that M Sivasankar, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s senior secretary, had abused and manipulated her.

Mr Sivasankar made the allegations after claiming in his forthcoming book “Aswathamavu: Verum Oru Aana” that Swapna had lured him in by giving him an iPhone.

M Sivasankar was arrested on October 28, 2020, after the Kerala High Court denied his anticipatory bail motion.

According to vernacular media sources, he claimed in his future book that Swapna had misled him and that she was the brains of the gold smuggling ring.

On February 4 of last year, M Sivasankar was freed on bail.