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Kratos and Poseidon Fight in God of War 3 Fan Art

Kratos and Poseidon Fight in God of War 3 Fan Art: God of War 3 includes the game’s most significant (and highly violent) boss fights that see Kratos dominating all Olympic panthea. 

There aren’t many boss fights in God of War 3are as epic as Kratos against Poseidon at the time of the game’s intro, with one fan perfectly capturing the battle on an incredible piece of artwork.

Before his adventures with his son in Norse mythology. Kratos faced a war to win against his fellow Olympians. Who had sinned against him repeatedly? 

From being elevated to the actual title God of War through the killing of Ares and being killed by his dad, Zeus, Kratos never experienced a smooth ride while being within Greek mythology. 

God of War 3 was released for the PS3 in 2010 and was the game that brought Kratos’ Greek mythology story to an end, concluding with a dramatic cliffhanger, which led to the reboot in 2018. 

The game still includes some stunning sequences, and the opening scene is one of the best-known scenes. With Kratos fighting Poseidon as he rides on the Titan Gaia’s back.

Artist Bookumuni posted a stunning illustration of Kratos against Poseidon in the God of War subreddit. 

From Kratos’s powerful stance at the lower-left corner of the frame to the water steeds who chase him, to the looming Poseidon himself at the back, The piece conveys the ferocity of the battle in the game.

 In terms of artistically, Kratos and his flaming Blades of Chaos provide a striking and sharp contrast to the blue hues of the rest of the picture. 

And reflect how unlikely the fight pits a demigod who has failed against God of the Sea. God that is of the Sea.

Kratos and Poseidon Fight in God of War 3 Fan Art

Within God of War 3, the Poseidon boss fight occurs at the beginning of the Gameplay, setting the scene for the remainder of the story. 

The Titans are ascending Mount Olympus, with Kratos riding Gaia, and the Gods dispatch Poseidon to stop them.

 He is hear saying”to Kratos, “You challenge me, mortal! Are you a God of Olympus What?!” 

The result is a thrilling battle as the huge Poseidon unleashes barrage upon a barrage of attacks on Kratos. As he (and players) traverse Gaia’s body, looking for opportunities. 

The fight naturally concludes in a gory way when the camera moves into Poseidon’s perspective. So that the players can experience what it’s like to defeat in the hands of Kratos.

The ability of book mini to express the epic nature of the fight in their artwork is an achievement.

 The most challenging aspect of art is keeping the illusion of scale and perspective and how far and large things are from each other, and in this painting, it’s obvious what’s going on. 

The detail level in Kratos on the front and his size. Poseidon’s shading on the back reveal Poseidon’s extent compared to Kratos. And the water horses help to balance the scales to the left-right.

 It would be fascinating to discover how books mini might depict other fierce gods of war boss battles.

God of War 3 is available for download on PS3 and PS4.

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