Level 1 Elden Ring construct defeats Malenia

Level 1 Elden Ring construct defeats Malenia:  Malenia, Blade of Miquela, one of the Elden Ring monsters, is not an easy opponent to take down. So even though she’s typically regarded as the most formidable opponent in the whole game. Some players decide to make the battle even more difficult.

Here comes SynergyMygos, who posted about their own Malenia triumph on Reddit. Unfortunately, most players wait until they are about Level 150 before facing Malenia at the end of the game.

However, the battle won by SynergyMygos at a pitiful Level 1. Additionally, they achieved it as a member of the Wretch class, which uses only a primary club for assault.

In addition, SynergyMygos brought a Buckler and several Freezing Pots into the battle so that he could dodge. The Waterfowl Dance, Melania’s most lethal assault, may stop with these.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s anime-inspired weapon combination would seem more at home there than in Elden Ring. In any event, after “a lot of work,” SynergyMygos defeated Malenia.

In the FromSoftware community, level 1 runs are rather popular. This goes hand in hand with picking the Wretch class or a related one like Dark Souls’ Deprived, given it has poor, fundamental stats.

Due to their flat attributes, playing as a Wretch often gives you the greatest freedom later in the game. Therefore, it was a significant task for SynergyMygos to take on the game’s most demanding boss while using its weakest build.

For some crucial advice, anyone who wants to attempt a Wretch should read our construction guide.

Many individuals have taken it upon themselves to reinvent the Malenia boss battle. She has battled with Geralt of Rivia, shredded by “pizza cutters” (also known as Ghiza’s Wheel), and more.

Of course, the most well-known of them is Let Me Solo Her, the legendary player. After aiding numerous other players in defeating Malenia. She present with an engraved sword by the Elden Ring crew.