Lightyear Disney+ Hotstar debuts August 3

Lightyear Disney+ Hotstar debuts August 3: Starting on August 3, Chris Evans, Taika Waititi, Keke Palmer, and Uzo Aduba’s animated Pixar film Lightyear will be available to watch on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. On June 17, it had its theatrical premiere.

Lightyear will be accessible on Disney+ Hotstar in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

The movie’s official Twitter account, Pixar’s Lightyear, made the first announcement of the August 3 release date on Tuesday. So get ready to take flight with Disney and Pixar’s #Lightyear streaming on August 3 exclusively on @DisneyPlus, according to the tweet.

Lightyear looks lovely on the big screen, of course, but we are so happy to offer it to Disney+, the film’s director, Angus MacLane, said in a statement.

“We worked on this movie for years and are proud of it. We want as many people to hear about it as we can.

Disney+ provides everyone with the tools to watch Lightyear again and gives other fans the chance to do so.

The Tim Allen-voiced action figure character from the Toy Story franchise, Buzz Lightyear, gets his rightful origin story in the animated science fiction adventure. After becoming disoriented in a far-off world. Buzz, a young astronaut, needs his crew and commander’s assistance to return to Earth.

Lightyear Disney+ Hotstar debuts August 3

Evans, a former Captain America, stated that being a part of the project made him feel like a “child in a candy shop.”

“Toy Story was such an influential picture. The characters have such a wide range, and it is so iconic. They just provide something so relatable, “In a behind-the-scenes film, Evans spoke.

“Buzz Lightyear’s life narrative tell in this movie. The report inspired Andy and his pals to go out and get a Buzz Lightyear toy.

“I’m a huge admirer of Pixar. I felt like a child in a candy shop. It differs from every Pixar film to date “Evans continued.

Due to the depiction of a same-sex kiss, Lightyear bann in some Middle Eastern nations, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The sequence, which features the female character Hawthorne (Uzo Aduba’s voice), and her boyfriend. Initially delete from the movie but restore after a public outcry over a Pixar employee remark.

Lightyear is the most recent in a long line of popular Disney films including Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Eternals that have encountered problems in Gulf nations because of references to or depictions of LGBTQ people or issues.

These scenes frequently run afoul of censors for theatrical releases because homosexuality is illegal in the region.

Also banned from entering theaters in January were Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait West Side Story.

On August 3, Lightyear will release on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar in all locations.