Manchester Uniteds coach wants to use Ronaldo strategically

Manchester United’s coach wants to use Ronaldo strategically. 

#Manchester: Manchester United supporters get the best gift by bringing it back. Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best footballers in the club’s history, has returned to Old Trafford after a long absence of 12 years. 

He scored a couple of goals against Newcastle United in the first match. Wearing a red jersey, he made it clear that he was ready to take on a new challenge. 

At this age, the Portuguese star will want to play as many games as he wants.

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But what if you want to? No matter how unique Ronaldo is, age sometimes affects people. 

United manager Ole Gunnar Sulshar understands this very well. He knows how much pressure his clubmate once had to prove himself. 

But even after that, it’s his responsibility to make sure Ronaldo doesn’t suffer significant injuries while he plays other matches. 

That’s why Sulshar hints that the Portuguese star may not play in every game.

“Yes, we have a game on Tuesday against the Young Boys. That is why Ronaldo will not play for United in this week’s Champions League game. Let’s see what can be done. 

But yes, it is not uncommon for him to feel. He is now 36, 19 years old, in Greenwood. It is the same for both. 

Just as Greenwood has to play with understanding, a 36-year-old also has to play with experience. 

The more quality players on the team, the healthier the competitive environment will be,” said the Man U coach.

Ronaldo himself, of course, did it perfectly. Usually, he wants to play as many games as possible without getting injured. 

But coaches want to understand it and use it to increase his age. Most importantly, he has been at the top of the United League table since his return. 

However, it is a big problem for the followers. They think his lucky pet is back. He also knows that if he can play the game knowingly, it will be possible to play for a long time in Man U. 


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