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Microsoft teases Cyber Showdown

Microsoft teases Cyber Showdown: Microsoft has unveiled a new teaser trailer, which shows an upcoming multiplayer event for Halo Infinite.

The trailer isn’t revealing much. However, the music and arcades give it the feel of a classic.

The event dub Cyber Showdown will be available to players on January 18, 2018.

Can find Cyber Showdown in Halo Infinite‘s Season 1. Heroes of the Reach.

The teaser features an image of a Spartan soldier walking into the building. A neon sign for the Scorpion Tank atop the entryway.

Microsoft teases Cyber Showdown

It’s wording “Arcade: Game Zone” appears in the signage as the Spartan strolls through a themed arcade, which seems to be a recreation that is a version of Space Invaders.

The Spartan in the Arcade then smash by a soldier advancing from behind.

The Spartan later drag into the Arcade in Tron-like fashion and sucked into an entirely new location while having a shiny, fancy mohawk.

The trailer draws its influence in the Tron franchise. The character immersed in a game as in the movies.

There are elements of the neon-inspired aesthetic from Tron seen within the teaser.

According to the clips, it seems like this event could include new gaming-themed items. weapons, including the mohawk hologram shown at the conclusion.


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