Naraka Bladepoint Weapon Tier List

Naraka Bladepoint Weapon Tier List: Naraka Bladepoint HTML0 is an online Battle Royale game based on Mythical Action Combat. 

The game allows players to play battles using Martial Arts inspired Melee Combat, Amazing Mobility, A giant Arsenal Of Melee & Ranged weapons. 

Additionally, Naraka Bladepoint includes Legendary Customizable Heroes with epic capabilities.

 In terms of Arsenal, the game offers diverse types of weapons where certain are fantastic while others aren’t.

 In this guide, I’ve created this Tier List in which I have identified the top Weapons starting from S-Tier up to the most savage weapons you can find in F-Tier Naraka Bladepoint.

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Naraka Bladepoint Weapon Tier List (December 2021)

Here is the Tier List for the Weapons in Naraka Bladepoint From S-Tier to F-Tier.

Tier Weapon Type
S Longsword Melee
S Bow Ranged
S Musket Ranged
A Katana Melee
A Spear Melee
A Dagger Melee
A Pistol Ranged
A Repeating Crossbow Ranged
B Greatsword Melee
B Flamebringer Ranged
B Swarm Ranged
F Bloodripper Melee
F Cannon Ranged


You can see that the S-Tier is part of The Longsword, Bow, and Musket

The Longsword is in this category because it is a good weapon for damage. 

They’ve always been fantastic for their ability to do a lot of damage. The latest nerfing of the Bow hasn’t changed its place in the S-Tier. 

Muskets are renowned for their significant damage, take a good shot, and you’ll see the reason why they are in the S-Tier.

 After the S-Tier, come to the A-Tier weapons. These include Katana, Spear, Dagger, along Pistol.

 They’re not the most effective weapons, but they’re excellent. If used correctly, they could be superior to the S-Tier Weapons of Naraka Bladepoint.

Upon the list are B-Tier weapons of Naraka Bladepoint. They’re decent weapons. However, they are not as impressive as other alternatives.

 In addition, we have the F-Tier Weapons of Naraka Bladepoint. They are among the most dangerous weapons to be used. 

It is better to use the weapons listed previously.

This was the Naraka Bladepoint Weapon Tier List. I hope that this guide has been of help to you.