New Sims 4 Update Fixes Bugs

New Sims 4 Update Fixes Bugs: The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack will be released on July 28. In addition, Maxis Studios and EA have announced that a new update has gone live.

A variety of fundamental game enhancements and bug fixes include in the update, which has something for every Sims fan.

The basic game is the focus of the first set of modifications in the patch notes, which aim to enhance the user experience in general. In addition, a new “sleek UI” upgrade for the phone will make personalizing it simpler than ever while maintaining the same feel.

Speaking of customization, the addition of curved walls will let users install and modify medium, significant, and substantial curved rooms, expanding the building tools. The control system for this expansion will be identical to that for the curving decks and fences.

Improvements to the Sims character experience make in addition to enhancements to the phone and buildings. For example, body hair is now accessible without the necessity for lycanthropy.

In addition, in the “Gameplay” settings menu, whims have replaced with a wide range of desires and anxieties that your Sim may either strive for or conquer.

Finally, the most recent improvement will provide Create a Sim with extra choices to support the Sims’ sexual orientation. The sort of Sims that players interest in WooHooing or Messing Around with if they interest in those choices.

As well as the gender identities that a Sim romantically attract to will all selectable now.
The player must customize these aspects to avoid default settings.

Aside from significant content upgrades, the remaining patch notes include several fixes for various faults that gamers may have experienced.

For PC, PS4, and Xbox One, the Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack debuts on July 28. Check out our preview of the expansion pack’s new features and the associated presale incentives.