Ninja teases Drake Travis Scott and JuJu Smith-Schuster stream: At this point, the blue-haired streamer Ninja has played Fortnite with just about everyone. Including Sean O’Malley of the UFC and DJ Marshmello.

Now, it seems that the streamer may have his eyes set on coming back to the game alongside a few well-known familiar faces.

Do you recall the significant stream from 2018 that contributed to the blue-haired one’s rise to fame? One of the persons involved would want to go back.
Could Ninja Soon Release Another Huge Celebrity-Rich Stream?

JuJu Smith-Schuster, a wide receiver for the NFL, released a few photos on Twitter from a 2018 broadcast in which he appeared with Ninja, Drake, Travis Scott, and other musicians, writing: “One of the wildest nights in gaming history! Unbelievable that this happened four years ago. We have to return it!

Ninja himself retweeted this message. Refusing to add any of his remarks but ostensibly indicating that he would be open to a repeat.

Given that the 2018 episode served as a significant turning point in Ninja’s ascent to streaming hegemony. If this repeat could gather even a fraction of the popularity of the original. It would appear to be a rather smart move for the streamer.

This was partially accomplished by breaking the concurrent viewership record for non-esports tournament-based content on Twitch at the time.

The record-breaking peak of 635k viewers easily beat the previous record of 388k viewers. Which attract by Dr. Disrespect’s return to streaming to compete against League of Legends streamer Tyler1 after taking a break to focus on family.

Additionally, it gave viewers several new and fascinating information about Drake. Who verified his familiarity with League of Legends, disclosed he was a vegetarian. And even used the phrase “God’s Plan” when bringing Travis Scott back to life.

Regardless of whether we’re in for a stream with this many scandalous revelations this time. Ninja may be using the chance to create some content with his famous friends. As a break from competitive play after recently losing both a League of Legends match against YouTuber MrBeast and Dr. Disrespect’s “Hot Shot Duo Drop” Fortnite competition.

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