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Omicron will likely affect the major Indian cities: Ex Scientist says

Omicron will likely affect the major Indian cities: Ex Scientist says. 

Omicron cases in India: Omicron is the latest variation of Covid is expected to affect the largest cities in India since people are traveling in the direction of the Tata Institute for Genetics and Society. 

The former head of the Council of the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Dr. Rakesh Mishra, said to the news publication ANI through an exclusive interview.

Dr. Mishra has stated that vaccines, including Indian vaccines, will be efficient against this variant. However, the rapid spread rate. 

Since most Omicron cases are not symptomatic, it is possible that this variant could become more prevalent than Delta because people tend to dismiss it as an ordinary cold.

“We have identified two, and possibly more and that’s just over the last few days. However, how many are we taking a look at? 

If we can do a 100 percent sequence and you are certain that you know whether people are suffering from this disease or don’t. 

Since we can’t sequence everyone, we can’t even count the number of people who have it. So a lot of people are thought to be unaffected and expanding. 

This is the issue with this virus that the majority of people 70-80 percent most symptom s when it is spreading and confusion with common cold. 

There are fewer symptoms. Therefore, people may mistake the common cold for a more severe illness since there isn’t any scent loss, or an oxygen issue. However, the symptoms will be present in every major city where travelers have been …” the doctor told ANI.

India has confirmed four instances of the Omicron variant as of now. In these cases three cases are from outside. 

The first Omicron case involved a 66-year-old South African national who had left India after being tested Covid negative. 

An older NRI who lived in Zimbabwe for a long time and is now in Gujarat’s Jamnagar to meet his father-in-law is positively for Omicron. The unvaccinated marine engineer aged 33 is also to South Africa. 

The 46-year-old Bengaluru doctor, the second Omicron case in India, was not a victim of any previous travel experience.



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