On Anand Mahindra’s ‘Agnipath’ Pitch, Several Concerns Were Raised

Following Anand Mahindra’s pitch for ‘Agnipath’ and offer to recruit ‘Agniveers,’ some social media users, including several military veterans, wondered whether the Mahindra Group had previously hired former senior commanders in crucial roles.

Amid widespread anti-‘Agnipath’ rallies, Mr Mahindra stated on Monday that the Mahindra Group would welcome the chance to hire persons educated under the plan.

“The violence surrounding the #Agneepath program makes me sad. When the initiative was first proposed last year, I stated—and I repeat—that the discipline and abilities gained by Agniveers would make them highly employable. The Mahindra Group is delighted to have the chance to hire such well-trained and skilled young individuals “Mr Mahindra had sent out a tweet.

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While Mr Mahindra’s generosity touched many people, several, including former senior commanders, inquired how many ex-military personnel the Mahindra Group had employed.

“Why are you waiting for this new scheme? Has the Mahendra Group reached out to thousands of highly trained and disciplined ex-Servicemen (Jawans and Officers) who are looking for a second career every year? It would be helpful if you could provide some numbers from your group “In response to Mr Mahindra’s tweet, Mr Arun Prakash, former Indian Navy commander and ex-Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee, responded.

[email protected] Could you perhaps provide some statistics, as the former Naval Chief asked? After forty years of listening to such promises, I have retired, “Former Air Vice Marshal of the Indian Air Force, Mr Manmohan Bahadur, wrote.

Mr Mahindra’s sentiments were mirrored by RPG Group chairman Harsh Goenka earlier on Monday.

“The RPG group is also excited about the prospect of working with the Agniveers. I really hope that more businesses would join us in making this commitment and assuring our kids of a bright future, “Mr Goenka had sent out a tweet.

Massive demonstrations erupted throughout the nation as the government unveiled the ‘Agnipath’ plan, which would recruit defence hopefuls between the ages of 17.5 and 21 for a four-year stint.

After four years, 75% of new employees will be released from their responsibilities and paid around 12 lakh, but there will be no pension benefits. The remaining 25% will be kept and serve in the military for 15 years.

Despite widespread opposition to the idea, the centre has steadfastly refused to reverse it.