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How to Open Locked Door at Viper Manor in Chrono Cross?

Open Locked Door at Viper Manor in Chrono Cross: After more than two decades, the remastered version of Chrono Cross The Radical Dreamers is finally available. Once you get into Viper Manor, you will likely encounter dragons who need food. 

Viper Manor is the home of Acacia dragons and many doors that trap you. Once you have fed 10 of these dragons, you will be given access to the Manor. When you go on to the Manor, you’ll encounter an unlocked door within the Manor. 

This is why we have a guide on opening the locked door of Viper Manor. Viper Manor in Chrono Cross.

How to Open Locked Door at Viper Manor in Chrono Cross?

  • After you’ve entered the locked entrance, move further towards that bronze statue of the snake. Engage with this to rotate the handle using numbers.
  • You must adjust the knob the right number of times to open the door. If you do it wrong, it can lead you to spiral downwards into a rattrap.
  • When you’re in prison, You will be able to see three guards around your cage.
  • When you interact with them, the guards will break the cage to show you and your companions an important lesson.
  • Then, you dress as three guards and move on to your way through the Viper Manor.
  • If you attempt to escape the cage by turning right to exit, you’ll encounter several adversaries. A left turn can bring the way towards Glenn, who is constantly not remembering the codes to the door.
  • If you make a left, head to the first room, and you will be in Glenn’s bedroom.
  • Get closer to and touch the Wall and engage through it.
  • It will display a notice, ” This week’s code“. It’s turning the knob seven times on the left and three times on the left.
  • Return to the lock located at Viper’s Manor, turn right, and open the door.

This is how you can unlock the locked door in Viper Manor in Chrono Cross. If you enjoyed this article, check out some of our previous Videos Gaming Tips right here on News Gater.



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