What’s new in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition?

What’s new in Chrono Cross: This version of Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition came out today, and fans want to know what changes there are between this and the original version. If Chrono Cross came out 20 years ago, then Square Enix must have a lot of great things in store. We’ll check out the changes below.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition Differences: What’s Changed in the Remaster?

The Chrono Cross remaster has seen some significant changes. Although the Radical Dreamers Edition is not a remake, it’s still a great option.


Square Enix created new characters and redrawn all textures. For purists, you can also find the original models. These models look better in HD and are more detailed.


Text backgrounds and text are now in HD. This makes it easier for you to read. Redrawn character portraits are also available. If players desire, they can restore to their original form.


Each background has enhanced. Square Enix failed to do a good job, and the results are complicated to the eyes. While some experiences aren’t too bad, a lot of detail has been lost. Expect to see many blurs and blobs because the AI is more upscale, and I wasn’t sure what to do. All of these needed to be retouch after they were upscaled manually. However, it looks like the developers just ran waifu2x on it and then called it quits. Many fans render do a better job, and I hope the PC version will have decent backgrounds.


Rerecording the original MIDI music has been done. It sounds good. It sounds okay.


This Satellaview original has given its first English translation. It is a visual novel that tells the story of Kid’s life before Chrono Cross. It is not all canon and has parts that are slow and boring. This translation is excellent for fans of the series, but it doesn’t offer much gameplay. This will make many players turn off.


Although it was not an official feature, players discovered that at least one character had their scripts changed during the remaster. Mojo/Mojo was a cursed voodoo doll. He used to use a speech trick where he would say “-om” after a few words. The remaster has wholly removed this tic, and he speaks now usually. Square Enix has not provided any official explanation for this. It is hoped that the developers will correct it in a future update.


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