Unlock & Get Every Character in Chrono Cross

Unlock & Get Every Character in Chrono Cross: If anime has taught us anything, it’s the strength of friendship. Many players aren’t content only beating the game. They are eager to be able to unlock every single player in their team.

 Therefore, whether you like anime or not, you could be interested in unlocking every character within Chrono Cross Remaster, The Radical Dreamers.

 It’s an excellent task, mainly when you want to play it again, and there are plenty of reasons to do it. Therefore, let’s look over this Character guide to Chrono Cross.

How to Unlock & Recruit All Characters in Chrono Cross

There are 45 characters to unlock using Chrono Cross. You can get them all using Chrono Cross. Chrono Cross, however, you must be able to open them before. When you begin a new game with the Chrono Cross, you’ll be able to gain back the characters you had in the previous round. This means you’ll have to go through the gameplay a few times to unlock all of them. To open every one of the characters, you need to be playing the game a minimum of three times.

One of the most important factors that influence the characters you join is whether or not you decide to assist Kid and not. Apart from that, the various characters join based on your choices during the game. Certain characters only join once you complete certain side quests. Here is the complete guideline for each character on unlocking each character within the game.

A Character’s Guide to Chrono Cross to Unlock them All

  • Serge He is available by default since he is the main character in the game.
  • Doc: Refuse to assist Kid when given the opportunity, and Doc will be there with you.
  • Draggy Visits the dodo’s Nest in Fossil Valley(Another World) and collects a Big Egg. Utilize the incubator at Fort Dragonia(Home World) and hatch the egg. When it is hatching, Draggy will join you.
  • Fargo It will unlock on your own as you advance through playing the game’s narrative.
  • The Funguy Visit the Shadow Forest (Home World) and, in the cave beneath the Waterfall, there is the man. Then, go through the passageway beneath you towards The Viper Manor. The man will offer you a mushroom. Go back towards the Waterfall and show him the mushrooms you received.
  • Glenn. Glenn Does not help Kid with the decision. After that, you should go towards the Termina Entrance and listen to Glenn’s conversation. When you return to the boat, Glenn will request to join you.
  • Greco: Fight Lynx at Viper Manor. Next, go to the Termina Shirine (Another World). In the end, Follow Greco to his home.
  • Groby: When you save Riddel from Viper Manor (Another World), you’ll fight Grobyc. In the end, you must defeat him before he can rejoin you later.
  • Guidelines: Go to Termina and speak with the man polishing the Statue. Then, head to the Bar and talk to Guile and request assistance in becoming your guide in Viper Manor.
  • Harle Joins you automatically as you progress through the game’s story.
  • Irene’s Take on Sage at the Zelbess and then return on the Ship with Nikki. Then, go to the dressing area, and she will come back later to join you.
  • Janice: Go to the S.S. Zelbess (Home World) and take on 3 rounds of beasts to unlock Janice.
  • Karsh, You have two options to unlock the character. You can either ask him to join you to assist in the rescue of Riddel. Then he can join you on an S.S. Invincible (Another World) after you’ve rescued Riddel.
  • Kid, The user, can either directly allow her to join whenever she wants to, or you can reject her three times. If you choose to reject Kid, she’ll join later in Termina. No, regardless of what you do, she will be joining you. Therefore, it recommends deciding to leave her first.
  • Korcha Accept to aid Kid, and he will be joining you.
  • Leah Locks up automatically once you save her from Gaea’s Navel.
  • Leena Deny Kid by preventing her from playing with you whenever she requests at the beginning of the match. Repeat the process three times, and Leena will come along instead.
  • Lucia: Fight Lynx, then go to Viper Manor (Another World). You can go to the upstairs balcony, and you’ll be able to unlock her.
  • The Lynx will be unlocked in Fort Dragania as you progress through the story.
  • Macha: Don’t save Kid and speak to Macha, and she’ll join you.
  • Marcy: Follow the story and save Riddel along with. Marcy will be with you.
  • Mel: Agree to save Kid and continue on the quest. Once you have committed Kidspeak to Mel, Mel will join you.
  • Miki Visited Marble (Home World) and took out all monsters. Then, go into the S.S. Zelbess and talk to Miki, and Miki will be with you.
  • Mojo Go to Arni Village (Home World) and into the basement of the fisherman. There you can find the shark’s tooth. Add Kid to the gathering or Leena, visit The Arni Village (Another World), and give the shark’s tooth to the anglers.
  • NeoGeo Visit the balcony of Viper Manor (Another World) and activate your Life Sparkle in the pool. This unlocks NeoFio. You can get the Life Sparkle at the Hydra Marshes (Another World).
  • In choosing your guide, Nikki doesn’t select Guile as well as Pierre. Instead, visit the Magical Dreamer’s boat, and converse with Miki. Go towards the Shadow Forest and rescue Nikki. In the next few minutes, he’ll come with you.
  • Norris: Go to the Viper Manor Ruins (Home World) and look for Norris within the Basement. Be sure to bring Radius to your Party before you locate him.
  • Orcha Take on his evil appearance while saving Riddel. After defeating him, he’ll join you.
  • Orla, Include Lynx in your Party and head into the Bar at Guldove (Another The World). There, Orlha will be fighting against you, but you’ll gain access to her if you defeat her.
  • Pierre Visit Termina (Another World) in the Equipment Shop. Offer Pierre the hero’s medal, and ask him to become your guide in unlocking his.
  • Pip: Go to the lab of Luccia within Viper Manor (Another World) and unlock Pip’s cage. The next time you see Pip at S.S. Invincible, chase him, and he’ll join you.
  • Postal The character joins automatically throughout the story if you select Leena. You can also give Poshul an Heckran Bone to make her join you.
  • Radius Take a trip to Odessa Beach in Arni Village (Home World) and speak with Serge’s mother. Next, you must defeat Radius in a battle. Be sure to include Lynx in your Party when you do these steps.
  • Razzly, If you agree with the idea of saving Kid, Then keep her. That’s how to can unlock her.
  • Riddel: Rescue Riddel as you move through the story to locate her.
  • Skelly: You’ll need to collect all his bones to unlock him.
    • Go (pun intended) towards The Fossil Valley (Home World) to locate the skull.
    • Visit the Shadow Forest to find his Scapula.
    • Talk to the Element Trader in Guldove to get the Pelvic Bone.
    • The backbone can locate in The Hydra Marshes.
    • Talk to the explorers of Water Dragon Isle (Home World) to receive the Ribs.
    • In the end, you’ll discover the Mixed Bones located on the Isle of the Damned.
  • Staff: In S.S. Zelbess. You must defeat Sage and then go into the locker room. In the dressing room, speak to Sneff, and he’ll be with you.
  • Sprigg Sprigg will accompany you throughout the progression of the story. You will meet her in the Dimensional Vortex.
  • Starky Visit El Nido Triangle (Home World) and locate the Star Fragment. Then, you can go towards Sky Dragon Isle. Sky Dragon Isle and investigate the supernatural happenings there.
  • Steena: Go to Guldove (Home World). She is located within The Shrine Tent of the Maiden. She will join you once you defeat six Dragon Gods.
  • Turnip: To unlock Turnip, you must be carrying your Ice weapon or Ice breath in your bag. You can go to the Hermit’s hideaway (Another The World) and then use it on the ground. Also, you should include Poshul as a member of your party. She will be looking for Turnip.
  • Van: Talk to Van and convince Van that you’re looking for The Frozen Flame. He is at his home located in Termina (Home World).
  • Viper: Save Riddel and go to S.S Invincible (Another World). Viper will join you.
  • Zappa: Start by adding Radius to your group. Next, go to Zappa’s Smithy in Termina (Home World). Chat with Zappa, and he’ll join you.
  • Zoah, Similar to Karsh, you can request him to assist in the rescue of Riddel. If not, he’ll be with you in the future.

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This is the guideline for characters for unlocking and unlocking every character in Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers. If you enjoy playing this game, check out our guides to ways to obtain and make use of this game’s Komodo Scale in the game.