Overview Of Genelia D'Souza's Diet

Overview Of Genelia D’Souza’s Diet: Genelia D’Souza has decided to follow a balanced diet and daily exercise routine as part of her fitness quest! The actress wants to demonstrate to her 10.2 million followers how she. An actor, struggles with issues that ordinary people do by taking them along on her excursions.

We can all identify with Genelia’s fitness issues, from dreading the gym to trying to get out of bed for an early morning exercise.

She has now revealed a little about her diet as well! We were stunned to see what the vegan actress had on her plate as she told us what she was eating! Look at this:

She boils one piece of green products in the video, sprinkles it with oregano. And eats it with a fork and knife out of desperation. The food was so sparse on her white dish that it was hardly noticeable.

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Fear not—this is not a part of Genelia’s diet. She posted this video on Instagram to dispel the idea that dieters consume little to no food just to be funny.

She includes a message with the video to inform her followers about how her second week of living a healthy lifestyle is going. The text is below:

“Your fantasy kingdom is created by your diet and exercise working together,” someone once said.

Week 2: Our dietary strategy has determined. It is far less than what I often eat, but I also believe that eating should have discipline. Which I have somewhat lost along the road.

I feel like I eat just the right amount now, and I know that when it comes time to party, I will indulge in a bit of binge-eating, hopefully guilt-free. So, in the meanwhile, I’d want to say, “My objectives dictate my diet.”


We can all relate to her fight to restrain our urges. Even if we are all aware that she is not eating only one boiled green vegetable for her dinner. So, how did you find Genelia’s humorous video? Please share with us in the space below.