People Buy Ration But BJP Buys Legislators: Hemant Soren

Hemant Soren, the chief minister of Jharkhand, whose position is in jeopardy due to corruption allegations, proposed a test of his majority in the assembly today amid claims by the coalition led by the ruling Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) that the BJP is attempting to overthrow the government by instigating defections.

During a special one-day session of the Jharkhand assembly, Hemant Soren introduced the trust vote.

“The opposition has destroyed democracy. The BJP has been engaging in legislative horse dealing. We’ll demonstrate our power inside the home “Amid BJP MLAs chanting slogans, the Chief Minister spoke in the legislature.

“We have heard of individuals shopping for groceries, clothing, and rations. However, only the BJP engages in legislative bribery “He said.

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MLAs of the governing alliance took a particular aircraft back to Ranchi, the state’s capital, yesterday from Congress-ruled Chhattisgarh, where they had been isolated at a five-star resort to thwart suspected poaching efforts.

The MLAs slept together last night at the state guest house before being driven directly to today’s session.

Hemant Soren explained to reporters why he was casting the trust vote: “Who will cast a vote of trust? the adversary?”

Added him: “In an effort to topple me, the opposition has constructed a web of intrigues. They’ll get entangled in the web they’ve spun for themselves.”

Hemant Soren is said to have broken election rules by handing himself a mining lease, according to the opposition BJP, and as a result, he must be disqualified from serving as an MLA. The party has requested that the Chief Minister step down “on moral grounds” and has called for new elections.

Mr. Soren cannot be Chief Minister if he is disqualified as an MLA.

According to Mr. Soren and his party JMM, the BJP is attempting to use the situation to persuade members of the governing coalition to defect and overthrow the elected government. This strategy has been adopted in states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka.

The Governor has received the Election Commission’s recommendation and will soon decide on Mr. Soren.

The majority mark in the 81-member house, where the governing coalition has 49 MLAs, is 41. The Congress has 18, Tejashwi Yadav’s Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) has one, while the JMM, the biggest party, has 30 MLAs.

There are 26 MLAs in the primary opposition party, the BJP.