Play Pearl in Valorant

Play Pearl in Valorant: Players now have access to Pearl, a brand-new map, new skins, and a Battle Pass to grind their way through with the release of Valorant‘s Episode 5 this week.

To check out the new map, Pearl, in Valorant as soon as possible, we’ll walk you through all you need to know in this tutorial.

How to Use the New Pearl in Valorous Map

Only today in North America is Pearl made publicly playable after being made accessible in early access over the weekend. In addition, the map is now available with Episode 5, which also offers a ton of other fresh stuff.

Yet again, this only applies to Americans. It won’t go online for gamers in Europe and other locations until tomorrow.

Players will able to start up the game and begin playing Pearl right away when the update has downloaded (which will take longer than usual due to its size).

Once you start playing, you will notice a unique “Pearl” game mode. Select that choice, and then begin the match as usual. Only Pearl games will be available in this mode.

The map won’t be accessible in competitive queues for the first two weeks to fix issues. This has also happened with other new maps included in the game with its “Episode” upgrades, which is entirely normal.

We’ll update this page and let you know when Pearl is expected to be included in Competitive queues after a few weeks.

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