Players want a giant plane in the next GTA Online DLC.

Players want a giant plane in the next GTA Online DLC: Even though GTA Online currently has a plethora of aerial transport choices. Including helicopters, planes, and even a blimp, some gamers aren’t content with the present selection.

Maybe it’s the age-old adage that more significant is better. Or it’s just nostalgia for old-school features that remind people of good times in single-player. But whatever you want to blame it on, GTA gamers want a cargo aircraft.

This was the topic of a recent Reddit conversation in which gamers of all hues expressed their hopes for the ultimate flying fortress.

What are the best ingredients for a GTA Online aerial base?

User ThinSmokeForever started the discussion on the GTA Online subreddit by uploading a photograph of the cargo aircraft from GTA 5’s single-player level ‘Minor Turbulence’ and asking, “Who wants it in the next DLC?”

“It would be nice if we could have an aerial freight aircraft as a base. It could fly in a circle around the map and have defense and stealth capabilities like the Kosatka,” Maukki222 says.

Unfortunately, not everyone was enthusiastic, with user bn9012 declaring: “I’ll give it five minutes in the air till someone shoots it out of the air,” and RAE450 adding: “Blown up after one rocket from the (Oppressor) mk2.”

User Ange1ofD4rkness, on the other hand, responded to the first of these remarks with a more optimistic attitude, writing, “Depends on the session”. I’ve flown my (Volatol) for a long time to crash it while attempting to pull off a dumb stunt.”

Meanwhile, several people expressed their desire for a cargo aircraft only. If it could perform tasks that current in-game planes struggle with, such as hauling vehicles.

Others expressed their desire for other aerial vehicles in the game, with user _Abe Froman SKOC stating. “This, the enormous freight helicopter with (the) magnet, and essentially simply some new airplanes.”

So be ready to fly and stay tuned for more GTA Online news when new content. Potentially incorporating Michael from the single-player game, gets revealed.