Police Issues Warrant for Alec Baldwins in Rust ‘ shooting investigation

Police Issues Warrant for Alec Baldwins in Rust ‘ shooting investigation. 

Police obtained a warrant for search on Thursday, involving actor Alec Baldwin’s cell phone during the probe into October’s fatal shooting of a cinematographer the New Mexico set of his Western film “Rust,” court documents revealed.

The warrant of search and statement of facts were filed in Santa Fe County Magistrate Court just two weeks after the prosecutor. 

He was overseeing the investigation said that some of the people involved in handling guns on the set of the film could face criminal charges related to Halyna Hutchins’s death.

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The warrant granted investigators the authority to take Baldwin’s Apple iPhone to review text messages, email correspondence, social media communications, and other data saved on the device by the document.

A sheriff’s deputy, Alexandria Hancock, said in her affidavit that they sought an order from the court requiring Baldwin to surrender his phone following a request from sought it from the actor as well as his attorney in a non-binding manner, and “was ordered to get the warrant.”

The warrant and the seven-page affidavit referenced any information the investigators searched for on Baldwin’s cell phone.

However, suspects, victims, and witnesses “often can make or receive telephone messages and/or calls before or following the commission of a crime(s). If such information is available, it could be relevant and relevant to the probe,” the affidavit stated.

The report added: “There were several emails and text messages that were sent and received concerning the film Rust’s production during (police) interrogations” after October 21st’s shooting. 

Baldwin acknowledged that he was holding a Colt .45 revolver on the location when it exploded during rehearsal, shooting the live round that hit Hutchins on the chest, killing her. The director Joel Souza was wounded.

However, in an interview on TV, the actor claimed that he had never pulled the trigger. 

He claimed that he was not responsible for the incident. He also claimed that he did not know how a live shot got to the location for the production.

In the warrant of detective Hancock”the film’s “armorer,” Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who was responsible for guns on set, was questioned and said she fired the weapon with what to be the six “dummy rounds” before the disastrous rehearsal that was held earlier in the day.

Gutierrez-Reed further recalled struggling with inserting the sixth cartridge inside the gun’s cylindrical. She was able to get it in place only after she “cleaned the gun,” the affidavit said.



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