Gaming is one of the most popular sectors in the world. It continues to grow and reach new highs every year.

One of the major factors behind the popularity of this industry is its accessibility online. Indeed, online gaming is one of the reasons why gaming is quickly conquering new markets and gaining new fans. 

This article will focus particularly on New Zealand and the performance of the gaming industry in that country. Some of the most popular online games in New Zealand will be listed. 

The role of technology in the growth of the gaming industry  

Before exploring the case of New Zealand, it is important to discuss the role that technology has had in boosting the popularity of gaming. As mentioned before, online gaming has really benefited the gaming industry. 

However, online gaming would not have been made possible without technology. The gaming industry has the internet to thank for its existence. 

Invented in the late 20th century, the internet now lets people connect with each other remotely. Individuals can play online games thanks to WIFI providers and secure internet connections. 

The internet made gaming more accessible by giving individuals the option to play at any time and anywhere in the world. Through the internet, people can discover new hobbies, such as gaming, that they may not have known before. 

Technology is still helping the gaming industry grow in many ways. For example, technological improvements enabled gamers to play on their mobile devices through apps. 

The graphics and special effects of online games are also improving with the help of technology. New devices such as VR headsets are also creating a more immersive and realistic gaming experience for players. 

In the next decades, technology will continue to improve, and the gaming sector will follow in its steps.

Gaming in New Zealand

Gaming in New Zealand is extremely popular. According to one source, 67% of its citizens identify as gamers.  

Another report indicates that the most popular type of games in the country are mobile games, or games played on mobile devices. Other popular types include online games and downloadable games. 

This report proves that most gamers in New Zealand play on their phones. They play at home but also during their commute time and during their work break. 

Of course, app games and online games are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Many app games are actually online games that rely on an internet connection. 

In terms of app games, some of the most popular paid apps games are Minecraft, Geometry Dash, Bloons TD 6, and Monopoly. 

Other popular online games in New Zealand include pokies games, where Kiwis can access a range of pokies sites online. These are available on websites but can also be downloaded as apps for those who prefer to play on their smartphones. 

Online casino games are very popular in New Zealand, with many players prefer online casino gaming to in-person casino gaming. 

Other popular online games in New Zealand include FIFA 22, Grand Theft Auto V, and Fortnite. These are popular online games in most countries and can, for the most part, be played alone or with friends. 

As for PC games, some of the most popular ones in New Zealand include The Sims (usually the latest version of The Sims), Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII, and Overwatch. 

These are just a few examples; of course, there are also other popular games in New Zealand. Other games are usually available on a mobile device and can be downloaded as an app. 

For example, some people love puzzles and word games. Some of the most popular puzzle and word games in the country include: 

  • Class Trivia 
  • Words of Wonders: Crossword 
  • Wordle!

As for action and adventure games, one source reports that the most popular games in the country are:

  • Roblox 
  • Pokémon GO

It is easier than ever to assess the popularity of a game now that technology has improved. By looking at the number of downloads and the ratings of a game in a certain country, companies can assess how well a game is performing in a specific market.

The future of gaming in New Zealand

Considering how popular gaming is in New Zealand, it will surely increase in popularity over the next few years. One report predicts that gaming in New Zealand will continue to grow by 6.57% each year and will reach a market volume of $480.50 million dollars by 2027.

As mentioned earlier, online gaming is only increasing in popularity. Most gamers seem to prefer online gaming over in-person gaming as it is more flexible, convenient, and accessible.

As smartphones continue to improve, more people will likely turn to mobile games and mobile online gaming. New technology, such as VR headgear, augmented reality (AR), gesture controls, and facial or voice recognition, will also continue to shape and benefit the gaming industry.

New developments in 3D, VFX, graphic design, sound design, and more are also impacting and changing the gaming industry. 

Now, gamers can have a realistic, immersive, and authentic gaming experience while playing online.

Final thoughts

This article has discussed the popularity of online games in New Zealand. It has also discussed the popularity of gaming in general and how the gaming market has benefited from the technological developments of the last decades.

The next decades will bring new technological developments that will continue to shape and influence the gaming industry.

The technology seems to be heading towards more immersive and sensorial technological tools designed to give individuals a more realistic experience.