Public Test Realm as well as the game's patch 2.4 notes in D2R items

According to the source, the PTR is 2.4. Other changes and bug fixes since our previous PTR include the addition of Ladder functionality and Uber Diablo updates and additional balance changes and bug fixes. The test will be made available to the public on March 2nd. 

We are continuing our previous PTR, so any balance changes that we mention here will be in addition to the changes already in effect at our last PTR. Please refer to this page for more information on the specifics of our organization’s changes so far. 

Your participation in the PTR is anticipated, and we expect players to continue to share their thoughts with the rest of the community. We can continue the legacy of making Diablo II: Resurrection the ARPG that we all love and enjoy playing today with your assistance.

Highlights and Specifications of the PTR

Those who protect the sanctuary are hailed as heroes in their communities. Your flood of feedback on some of the first changes to D2R items in more than a decade has been greatly appreciated, and we thank you for your participation. 

In response to your thoughts, opinions, and responses to the survey, we will contact you to discuss any revisions to the changes that have been made. The most significant improvements were made in areas where feedback had been overwhelmingly positive and in areas where we may not have pushed as hard for a significant improvement as we should have done in the previous round of changes. If you have any additional comments or thoughts on these iterations, we’d love to hear them.

We would like you to be aware that as we progress through this PTR, there may be periodic maintenance or outages, hotfixes, or minor patches that need to be applied. In addition, all of the changes that have been implemented as part of this PTR are not finalized and cannot be reversed. 

We want to see how well these changes are received and if any feedback has been received before making the final and going live. Therefore, the following content updates have been made to serve our PTR participants better. We encourage you to explore and play them.

Uber Diablo updates for the Ladder Season are now available.

Adjustments have been made to the offline and single-player balances.

Maintaining your character save data will be affected by the new balance changes introduced in Patch 2.4. A new folder has been created to assist players in testing offline content. 

Classes from previous versions of Diablo II that were previously untested will now be made available for testing: This folder contains the character files that were resurrected by importing them into it.

We encourage you to share your thoughts in the PTR Feedback forum. Thank you very much. You must report any bugs that you come across in the PTR Bug Report forum. Thank you very much. So without further ado, let us take a look at the new changes that have been implemented.


You have our sincere invitation to participate in the PTR testing of the Ladder functionality, which we are incredibly excited to do. With the D2R ladder items for sale, players can access an optional ranked competitive system in the game. 

This system is accessed through various modes, each of which can be selected with a new Ladder-specific character or characters and a new Ladder-specific character or characters. Each method will have its leaderboard, with players competing to strategically gain experience in a limited amount of time while also having access to Ladder-specific content in each mode. 

After the Ladder season concludes, the leaderboard rankings will be reset, allowing characters to transition into non-ladder mode and allowing players to store their hard-earned special loot until a new Ladder season is launched in their honor.

We would appreciate it if you could pay close attention to the way the ladder is presented in the front end and how the new balance changes affect Ladder play while participating in the PTR test.

Specifications of the feature include the following:

The ladder is now available for testing. The team will be simulating the start and end of a ladder season during the Preliminary Testing Period.

Players can obtain information about the start and end of a season by using the /ladder and /help ladder chat commands in the game’s chat window.

The leaderboard information is made available in the leaderboard user interface. For console players, the information is updated when the player loads into a new session of the game.

At the conclusion of a season, your Ladder character and any Ladder-exclusive items that your character has equipped or in their inventory will be converted to a non-Ladder character.

You’ll have until the beginning of the following season to retrieve items from your seasonal ladder shared stash tab and incorporate them into your regular online play when a season comes to a close.

To give you an example, once Season 1 comes to a close, you will have until the beginning of Season 3 to retrieve items from your inventory from Season 1. Any items that are not recovered will be lost for the rest of the world to see.


It is still the same way that players summoned Uber Diablo in Diablo II: Resurrection, as it was when it was first introduced in v1.10, selling Stone of Jordan rings to other players in the game. While the method and location by which that progress is calculated have changed, we hope that these revisions will result in a more positive overall experience for the community. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Progress in Uber Diablo for each game type will now be tracked by a regional database rather than by the game itself, rather than the game itself. As soon as the threshold is reached through the sale of a sufficient number of Stone of Jordan rings, Uber Diablo will spawn for everyone in the same region, rather than just for those who are currently playing on that particular instance of the game server.

When it comes to Uber Diablo, progress is now tracked by game type rather than overall improvement. As a result, it is possible to follow eight different progressions. In addition, it is divided into several categories: classic, classic Hardcore (HC), classic ladder, classic HC ladder, expansion, expansion HC, expansion ladder, expansion HC ladder, and expansion HC ladder. 

It is also divided into several subcategories: classic, classic Hardcore (HC), classic ladder, classic HC ladder, and classic HC ladder. Additionally, a new message has been implemented for players due to this change to assist them in anticipating when Uber Diablo may reappear on the battlefield. 

Using the /uber diablo chat command, you can manually check for this messaging, which will be sent out to all players in the region once they reach certain levels of progress. As a result of these changes, we anticipate that a greater number of players will be able to experience the true terror that is Uber Diablo.