Rahul Gandhi slams PM Narendra Modi over detention suspension of MPs

Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, launched a stinging assault on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday (July 27, 2022). He claimed that he presided over a “dictatorship” in which MPs were “arrested” and “suspended” for posing questions to the “king.” Gandhi’s comments followed the detention of Congress leaders who were protesting on the streets against the questioning of party chief Sonia Gandhi in the National Herald case and the alleged “misuse of agencies,” as well as the suspension of 24 opposition MPs in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha for interfering with parliamentary business.

Gandhi said he is posting the 10 questions to be asked of the “monarch” in a Facebook post in Hindi. The Agnipath initiative, high gasoline costs, border invasions, the promise of the Minimum Support Price (MSP), farmers’ income, and the depreciating value of the rupee were just a few of the topics he listed as causes for worry.

“We intended to raise the people’s concerns with the prime minister during the Monsoon session. The prime minister and his administration had to respond to many public inquiries.

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Gandhi criticized the prime minister’s tyranny, saying that when questioned, the prime minister became so enraged that he had 23 MPs suspended and 57 MPs jailed.

Following persistent protests by opposition parties demanding a quick debate on concerns of a price increase and GST charge on rice, wheat, curd, and other daily use commodities, twenty MPs in Rajya Sabha and four in Lok Sabha were suspended.

Gandhi questioned why unemployment was at its “highest in 45 years” and what had become of the pledge to create two crore jobs annually.

The former Congress leader questioned, “Why are you stealing the food of the people by imposing GST on basic food products like curd and cereals?”

Gandhi also questioned when the public would see a decrease in the exorbitant costs of cooking oil, motor fuel, and LPG cylinders.

He questioned why the rupee crossed the 80 mark versus the dollar.

In addition, he claimed that no recruit had remained in the army for two years and questioned why young people were being coerced into signing four-year contracts to serve as “Agniveers.”

In his sixth question to the administration, he asked, “Chinese troops have crossed our borders in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh; why are you mute and what are you doing?”

Gandhi questioned why the government remained mute on its pledge to “double farmers’ income” by 2022, claiming that insurance companies benefited by Rs 40,000 crore via crop insurance.

“Whatever happened to the proper MSP that was promised to farmers? And what happened to the money that was supposed to go to the families of farmers who died in the farmers’ movement? Said Gandhi.

Gandhi’s tenth question questioned why the government did not have the funds to provide discounts to the elderly when it could instead spend money on advertising and why the 50% discount offered to senior people on train tickets had been eliminated.

“In 2014, the national debt was 56 lakh crore; now, it is 139 lakh crore, and by March 2023, it will be 156 lakh crore. Why are you making the nation so indebted? Said Gandhi.

Although there are many questions, he said the prime minister should first respond to these 10.

Gandhi said, “threaten[ing] the Congress party would not end your responsibility; we are the voice of the people and will continue to raise their grievances.”

Gandhi said earlier in the day, “we fully know how to combat tyrants,” but the “royal” is terrified of answering questions in the temple of democracy.

“Why is a cylinder Rs. 1053 in price? Why is there GST on grains and curd? Why is mustard oil 200 rupees? Gandhi said in a Hindi tweet, “The ‘king’ detained 57 MPs and suspended 23 MPs for raising concerns about unemployment and inflation.