Rajasthan Government offers jobs to Sons Of Kanhaiya Lal

The sons of Kanhaiya Lal, fatally stabbed inside his Udaipur store on Tuesday, will now get government employment, the Rajasthan cabinet determined on Wednesday.

To improve the administration of new state institutions, the state cabinet founded the Rajasthan College Education Society, authorized rules for distributing government ads to news websites, and corrected wage discrepancies for state workers.

The Takli Medium Irrigation Project has authorized a one-time ex-gratia payment of 21 crores for rehabilitating individuals living in communities in the flooded region.

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The cabinet has agreed to hire Yash Teli and Tarun Teli, the sons of Kanhaiya Lal Teli, into the government service, according to Women and Child Development Minister Mamta Bhupesh.

She said that the appointment rules had been relaxed. The Rajasthan Subordinate Office Clerk Service (Amendment) Rules, 2008 and 2009, Rule 6C, shall apply to this appointment.

The cabinet also accepted the proposal of the Information and Public Relations Department to publish a new policy directive for publishing adverts on news websites.

Currently, both print and electronic media are used to publish governmental adverts.

The general public enjoys many news websites on social media, so in response to the current situation, the state government’s policy directives for public welfare are stated.