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Revised ‘Scales Of Accommodation’ For Armed Forces Approved By Rajnath Singh

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh authorized updated “scales of accommodation” for defense services on Thursday to improve living and working conditions for military personnel.

According to the defense ministry, implementing scales of accommodation – 2022 would permit improvements in amenities and infrastructure for armed services personnel’s stay.

The new standards, according to officials, would enable the establishment of sustainable living and working environments by requiring buildings to have energy efficiency mechanisms, superior structural design, multi-level parking, and water conservation systems, among other things.

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The majority of junior commissioned officers (JCOs) and other ranks (OR) will have vehicle garages under the new Scales of Accommodation (SoA).

Only officers are permitted to have vehicle garages under current regulations.

“The implementation of the Scales of Accommodation — 2022 would be a remarkable increase in constructed facilities/infrastructure and standards compatible with modern needs,” the military ministry said.

According to the ministry, the SoA outlines the authorization to build operational, functional, training, administrative, housing, and leisure facilities for the military forces.

The new regulations would guarantee that all public buildings have needed facilities for people with impairments and “gender commonality” in all specifications.

“This will assure current specifications in future projects and higher living conditions for military personnel,” the ministry said.

The “scales of lodging,” it added, were designed to optimize defense land utilization by merging shared services and adopting multi-story structures.

“These improvements would improve working and living conditions for defense personnel, including civilians. According to the government, all public buildings now include accessibility features for people with impairments, and all specifications are gender-neutral. “According to the government.

These scales, it added, apply to all three defense forces as well as the Indian Coast Guard.

In October 2009, the government authorized the previous SoA.

“With the introduction of new units, technological facilities and equipment profile, operational readiness requirements, increased threat perception, the concept of sustainable development including contemporary industry standards, and increased aspirations of users for improved living standards, revision of the SoA 2009 was an unavoidable necessity,” the ministry said.