Roblox BedWars Free Amy update notes

Roblox BedWars Free Amy update notes: On June 3rd, 2022, Roblox BedWars received a new update for the game. A triple XP week is now available, allowing you to complete your battle pass.

Nyx has gotten buffs, and Axolotl Amy is available as a free kit for the week. The patch notes provide all of the information about the upgrade.

To discover all of the commands available in BedWars, see our Commands List page! In addition, all of the official patch notes from the Discord can see below.

Roblox BedWars Free Amy update notes

Season 5 is still going strong.

We’re down to the last week before Season 5’s Summer premiere. While the crew is focused on making Season 5 one of our most significant and most out of this planet’s improvements, this week’s release is light.


This week is the final chance to earn battle pass rewards. As you go towards level 50, you’ll get triple XP!

  • This Week’s Free Kits
  • Amy the Axolotl
  • Shield of the Infernal
  • Builder
  • Buffs of Nyx
  • Duration at Midnight: (12-14 seconds)
  • Reduce the amount of damage required to charge the ability (140 to 120 dmg).
  • Increase armor penetration at maximum stacks (20%–25% increase)
  • Other Modifications
  • (25s 20s) Buff diamond generator speed
  • Increase the total size of a diamond stack (5 6)
  • Tier III damage enhancement (+50% damage) has added.
  • Switching to default kit skins has fixed.
  • Fix an issue that might lead to endless ziplining.
  • Tesla traps create a lot of slowdowns.
  • A problem that caused lobby servers to crash has fixed.

Check out Roblox BedWars as soon as possible to test out this new update!