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Russia will set new security demands at the NATO meeting

Russia will set new security demands at the NATO meeting. 

There was an intense discussion between Russia and the United States in Geneva. It showed that the sides have significant differences to overcome. Russia will now demand security guarantees for Europe from NATO’s 30 allies.

NATO-Russia Council is located at the allied headquarters in Brussels. It is part of a more significant effort to diffuse East-West tensions since the Cold War.

This was triggered by a confrontation with Ukraine, which the United States claims Russia intends to invade.

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Moscow denies such claims even though it is deploying troops close to the Ukrainian border.

NATO diplomats state that the Western alliance is open to negotiations with Moscow to increase transparency around military drills, avoid accidental clashes that could lead to conflict, and control missiles in Europe.

NATO allies claim that Russia’s demands are unacceptable, as laid out in two draft treaties in Dec. 

They include calls to reduce the alliance’s activities back to 1990s levels and promise not to accept new members.

Let’s be honest: Russian actions are what has triggered this crisis. “We are committed to using diplomacy to de-escalate this situation,” U.S. ambassador to NATO Julianne Smith said to reporters Tuesday evening.

She said that Russia should withdraw its 100,000 troops near Ukraine.

Instead, the Kremlin is bridling at NATO’s expansion eastward into the old Soviet spheres of influence. 

It sees the U.S. alliance’s deterrents and military modernization as a threat.

On Tuesday, Russia held live-fire exercises near the Ukrainian border with tanks and troops while remaining downbeat about prospects for further talks with the United States.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and 30 other ambassadors from the alliance and Sergei Ryabkov will be leading Wednesday’s talks at 0900 GMT. 

Allies are expected to raise concerns about covert and digital attacks on the European Union or the United States.


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