How to Save Jacob in the Quarry

Save Jacob in the Quarry: In games like The Quarry, the many diverse characters are typically the show’s stars if they aren’t annoying you with their antics. 

Nonetheless, the most acceptable endings are typically those in which everyone survives, and if you feel compelled to include dear old Jacob in that equation, you’ll need to plan.

 Continue reading to learn all you need to know about rescuing Jacob in The Quarry.

Jacob in the Quarry: How to Save Him

Despite spending most of The Quarry running about in his undies. Jacob is only in grave peril a handful of times compared to the rest of the characters.

3rd Chapter


We’ll hear Abigail’s cry in the woods while spending time with Emma in the waters near the pier. If you decide to take the rotator arm, players can jump into the ocean to recover it or help Abigail at this moment. 

To keep Jacob from drowning, you’ll need QTE success and the decision to untangle yourself in the water.

Jacob’s Quarry

Jacob will eventually be ensnared in a trap laid by the hunters. Nothing negative will happen if you are not aggressive.

4th Chapter


The gang will hear some rustling in the woods shortly after this chapter starts. If you have the option of shooting the shotgun, don’t do it both times.

6th Chapter


The duo will reconcile before the monster strikes as he continues to roam the woods in his undies in quest of Emma. Unfortunately, Jacob will be captured in a bear trap while successfully hiding from the beast. Jacob will be dragged off to the Hacketts’ house if you choose to Pry Open the web.

Jacob’s Quarry Chapter 6

8th Chapter


Ryan and Laura will come across electric cages with Jacob and a monster confined in their cells while exploring the underground and accessing the lower floors of Hackett’s home. 

Stop Laura from shooting the creature by refusing to unlock the cage. Before you go, go to the breakers to assist Jacob.

To free Jacob from his nightmare, choose Breakers 1 and 2, decide to continue, and then select Breakers 2 and 3. The frat boy’s survival will be ensured as a result of this.

The Quarry Breakers are a group of people that work in a

That’s all there is to it when it comes to saving Jacob in The Quarry. Other valuable hints include where to discover all the proof to reveal the camp’s wrongdoings and how to hack into the police computer.

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