Season 14 of Apex Legends

Season 14 of Apex Legends : Fans of Apex Legends should expect much more from Season 14: Hunted than only Legend Vantage. The update will include a new weapon attachment for SMGs and pistols.

As well as revive and change the previous Skull Town location in King’s Canyon, according to a new gameplay video. The battle royale will also have a new level maximum, and it will undoubtedly take more than a few days of gaming to attain it.

Players of Apex will get access to Reforged King’s Canyon, a revamped battle royale map, in less than a week. The most significant new building on the map is a redesigned version of the defunct Skull Townsite, as hinted at by the gameplay footage.

The POI, now called Relic, has clusters of multi-story structures and just a distinctive skull that initially guarded the well-known spot.

The film also shows what fresh features players will encounter during the fighting. For example, a Laser Sights attachment that can attach to SMGs and pistols has added to the game’s treasure pool.

Even the add-on may adjust to show other colors. A few new Season 14 Battle Pass skins have already revealed, including a gold Wraith cosmetic and a camouflage Caustic. Speaking of personalization,

Since Season 14 introduces an enlarged and redesigned leveling system, it could be the ideal time to collect Apex Packs and Legend Tokens. Players will be able to achieve Level 500 an extra three times when it launches on August 9, bringing the overall level ceiling up to 2,000.

Those who desire to accomplish this enormous achievement may opt to use the impending Legend Vantage. The female protagonist is described as a sniper expert, and her skills seem to be focused on this.