Apex Legends glitch creates squad-wiping Thunder Storm

Apex Legends glitch creates squad-wiping Thunder Storm: Like any other game, Apex Legends is susceptible to gamers seeking new exploits to get an advantage. Unfortunately, only Thor, the God of Thunder, could have created the most recent problem that has been making the rounds on the community’s Reddit thread.

The squad that harm by the malfunction eliminated. As shown in the video above, by what looks to be a large number of Ash’s Arc Snares. Trapping them in a ferocious thunder bubble.

Although the precise reason or technique for doing this is unclear. Some fans claim that Rampart’s Amped Cover ability is to blame.

The crew wipe out as soon as they saw it, but it’s unbelievably vital.
Many are quick to point out that it may be a new cheat even though it’s presently considered a probable malfunction.

A video of a dual-wielding R99 hacker appeared earlier this year, which most likely indicates that this new strategy is a scam. I Hope Apex Legends anti-cheat can catch this before Ash Arc Snares flood whole lobby areas or before some players choose to abandon the game.

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