Seattle's Global Challenge unlocks Ultra Hisuian Discoveries and Raid Day

Seattle’s Global Challenge unlocks Ultra Hisuian Discoveries and Raid Day: Around the course of the weekend, Pokémon Go gamers from all over the globe and those in attendance at Pokémon Go Fest: Seattle collaborated to finish the 15,000,000 Raids Global Challenge.

Niantic has revealed the Ultra Unlock rewards, Ultra Hisuians Discoveries event, and a Hisuian-themed raid day as the central event in Seattle comes to a finish today.

The regular Hisuian Discoveries event will get many perks in addition to the debut of Hisuian Growlithe, Qwilfish, and Sneasel in the Ultra Hisuian Discoveries event.

These benefits include friendship levels rising more quickly among players when they unwrap gifts, trade Pokémon. Or engage in combat together in raids, Gyms, or Trainer Battles throughout the event.

Seattle’s Global Challenge unlocks Ultra Hisuian Discoveries and Raid Day

It should be considerably simpler to get these uncommon Hisuian Pokémon thanks to the fact that all players taking part in the event have access to up to 150 Gifts every day. As well as the ability to open and retain up to 45 Gifts.

In addition to the prizes, Panpour will be visible during the event in raids and across the globe. Players outside of these regions may temporarily be able to locate Panpour. Which usually only spawns in the Americas and Greenland. It should also be accessible in its shining form.

Additionally, shiny variants of Unown S will appear in one-star raids, so keep an eye out for them.
Finally, there will be a Hisui Discoveries Raid day on July 31 from 11 AM to 2 PM in your local time zone. During which Hisuian Braviary will debut.

Players will have to engage in combat with Hisuian Braviary during this three-star raid to have a chance at catching this Pokémon. However, there will be a possibility of discovering the shiny variant of the Hisuian Braviary. And this probability will be higher throughout the event.

During the event, every player will get five free raid passes, 50% more XP for winning raid battles. And a chance to get additional Rare Candy XL for finishing in-person raids.

It is hoped that the greater likelihood of obtaining 7km eggs through player gifts would make it simpler for everyone to come across Hisuain Growlithe and Sneasel. After the release of Hisuain Discoveries. People were quite concerned about this, but it seems like Niantic may have resolved their concerns.