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How to Set up & Play Split-screen in Halo Infinite?

Set up & Play Split-screen in Halo Infinite: Halo Infinite supports playing in split-screen mode. 

It is possible to play online with friends; however, there’s something unique with playing locally on split-screen. 

It is good to know that the multiplayer feature of Halo Infinite allows this feature.

 This guide will let’s take a look at the steps to set up and play Split-screen gameplay in Halo Infinite and learn about the number of players allowed to play.

Before we go into the steps, you’ll require an Xbox console and at least two Xbox accounts, as well as two Xbox controllers. So if you’ve got all of these now, let’s begin the steps.

  • Connect controller 2 to the console, and then connect it to the console.
  • Utilize the second controller, then hit on the menu. Player two must sign in using an account (second account). This account has to be valid since you cannot use guest accounts.
  • If it is done correctly, Player two will be added to the team and play any multiplayer game with support for Split-screen.
  • The above steps for playing Multiplayer are only for Multiplayer mode, not Campaign mode. The game doesn’t have a co-op feature in Campaign mode yet.

How many players can support Split-screen?

  • There is no option for PC gamers to play on a split-screen. Although the game might not allow multiplayer on PC at present, its developers may bring it on in the future. The number of players supported on consoles is listed below.
  • Xbox one
    • If you own the Xbox One Console, only two players can play.
  • Xbox Series X|S
      • There is a maximum of four players who can play together for the eight-player mode.
    • In a significant team match, only two players can play in a team.

That’s the conclusion of this guide on setting up and playing Split-screen gameplay in Halo Infinite and how many players are supported.

Time to step back from Multiplayer mode to play a campaign.

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