Taliban fly an American Black Hawk helicopter while a body hangs from it

The Taliban fly an American Black Hawk helicopter while a body hangs from it.

The internet has seen a viral video showing the Taliban piloting one of the Black Hawk helicopters left behind in Afghanistan.

Also, the video shows a person hanging from the helicopter. Local people reportedly captured the video in Kandahar. It looks like the Taliban have tied both of the hands of the body from behind.

However, the identity of this person is unknown. As per local media, the person was an interpreter for the US. But it has yet to be confirmed.

Also, it is not clear if the deceased person is still alive. However, some reports claim that the person hanging from the Black Hawk helicopter is a man previously killed by the jihadist group.


Images of the hanged man have drawn strong reactions on social media. Joe Biden was held responsible for the disastrous withdrawal and leaving sophisticated US military equipment for the Taliban.

Ted Cruz claimed that the images “encapsulate the Joe Biden disaster in Afghanistan.” He described it as “tragic” and “unimaginable.”

American forces have dumped billions of dollars in military equipment in Afghanistan, which the Taliban will now use.

The Taliban also have 27 highly mobile multipurpose wheeled vehicles (Humvees) and the 73 planes left at Kabul airport.

In addition, a large number of missile defense systems, rocket artillery mortar (CRAM) weapons and ammunition, as well as night-vision goggles, have been lost.