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Six cool WhatsApp features launched in 2021


Six cool WhatsApp features launched in 2021:



  • You can now make WhatsApp calls from your PC
  • WhatsApp can now move chats you have on your iPhone to Android.
  • With View Once, you can share disappearing media files to chats.
  • JUMP to make calls with PC
  •  can send Money and received
  • Make use of the Multi-device feature.
  • Make videos unmuted before sharing.
  • Transfer chats between iPhone onto Android
  • Send files that disappear from the media.

WhatsApp is very consistent in bringing new features to the application. 

In the year 2020, WhatsApp brought the ability to allow the dark mode to be enabled and send messages disappearing and use an advanced search feature and join group calls, and much more. 

The company also introduced several cool features, and if you’ve missed getting caught up on the latest updates, here’s a quick overview of all the unique features that were released in 2021.


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Make calls via PC

Now you can make WhatsApp video and voice calls directly from your laptop without dialing your phone. 

All you have to do is download WhatsApp for Windows and Mac on your computer and then sign in to your account to begin.

Money can be transferred and received.

 WhatsApp payments, first introduced in the year 2020, have been made accessible for users of both Android and iOS customers in India in the year. 

It allows users to send and receive Money using the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) system.

Make use of the Multi-device feature.

This year, we also received the long-awaited multi-device feature that WhatsApp promised.

  It lets you utilize WhatsApp on your computer, laptop, or tablet without having to connect to your phone with the Internet. 

 It makes it easy to make use of WhatsApp across several devices.

Make sure to turn off videos before sharing.

You can disable videos before sharing them with WhatsApp chats.

 If you frequently create videos and upload them to WhatsApp with background noise that isn’t great, the feature might be very beneficial for those of you.

Chats can be transferred from iPhone to Android.

Another feature worth mentioning that WhatsApp launched earlier this year includes transferring conversations to iPhone onto Android.

 The newly-released move chats to Android feature is within the Settings menu. 

It makes it simpler for users to transfer their chats. However, you’ll require a USB-C lightning cable for this transfer.

Send files disappearing from media.

Another intriguing WhatsApp feature introduced this year is View once.

 It allows you to send pictures and videos through chats that are only viewed once by the recipient. 

You have to click on the new “1′ icon before sending the file. The file disappears automatically when it is opened.


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