Sow seeds in Dinkum

Sow seeds in Dinkum: Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley influence the farming and life simulation game Dinkum. You may take the risk of establishing a new life in the Australian outback if you want to leave the dull and chilly town of South City.

You may spend the day any way you choose, much like the games it was influenced by. Make the town your own, accept tasks from the villagers, go fishing, or go animal hunting.

Farming is another activity you may engage in, Dinkum. You’ll be manufacturing a lot of Dinks this way, so put some time and effort into it.

To become a farmer in Dinkum, you’ll need to complete a few phases, one of which is learning how to sow seeds.

Dinkum seed planting

It would help if you first got a shovel before you could begin sowing seeds. Then, once you obtain your Excavation License, you may buy one from John for 900 Dinks when he first lands on the island.

For 500 Permit Points, you may purchase an excavation license from Fletch. Completing your Daily Tasks and reaching other milestones, such as capturing ten bugs or selling shells, is the simplest method to earn Permit Points.

You must dig a hole with your shovel before planting a seed. Then, by pressing Q, you may drop the basis of your choice into the hole.

Alternatively, you might plop a fruit or vegetable into the hole, like a bush lime. Finally, click the left mouse button to equip your shovel once again so you may fill the gap with soil.

If all goes according to plan, a little plant will grow where the hole was. Your crop will be ready to harvest after a few days of watering with your watering can.