Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister of Rajasthan, came under fire from the Delhi Commission for Women on Sunday for his comments on the prevalence of rapes in the nation. The commission demanded that Gehlot cease speaking in terms used by rapists.

The DCW’s message followed the western state chief’s remarks, in which he held the center responsible for the legislation against rapists and said that since the law allowing for the hanging of rape suspects went into effect, the number of murders committed after the rape had grown nationwide.

The DCW issued a warning to Ashok Gehlot, claiming that his comments on Nirbhaya were disrespectful and offended the feelings of rape victims.

“Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister of Rajasthan, ought to quit speaking like a rapist because the manner he made fun of Nirbhaya wounded the feelings of rape victims. We fought hard to pass legislation mandating that rapists of young children be executed, “Swati Maliwal, the head of the Delhi Commission for Women, said to ANI.

Swati Maliwal emphasized that the minister should enforce the legislation strictly in his state of Rajasthan due to the high number of rape cases there.

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As Rajasthan itself has many rape cases, she said, “instead of making such pointless statements, it’s the obligation of CM Ashok Gehlot to follow the law strictly.”

Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister of Rajasthan, claimed that since the law allowing for the hanging of rape suspects went into effect, the number of murders following rape incidents nationwide has increased during the Congress’ demonstration against the Central government on Friday over price increases and unemployment.

He further said, “Following the Nirbhaya case, the call to hang the accused gathered strength, and the legislation was eventually put into effect. Since then, the number of women murdered after being raped has increased.”

“The number of murders committed following rape has grown due to the Nirbhaya case’s statute mandating the hanging of offenders. This is a risky pattern we see throughout the nation,” said the CM of Rajasthan.

According to Ashok Gehlot, the prevalence of murders that follow rape is alarmingly high nationwide.

“The perpetrator believes that the victim will testify against the defendant. The accused believes that killing the victim was appropriate in this circumstance. The reports pouring in from all throughout the nation reveal a very risky pattern. The country’s position is not good, “Added he.

The nation was outraged last year when senior Karnataka Congress politician and former Karnataka Assembly Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar made a derogatory rape joke in the state Assembly. Many people demanded that he be removed as an MLA and that there be protests in the state Assembly.

Mr. Kumar had declared in his speech to the assembly: “There is a proverb that says, “Lie down and enjoy the inevitable rape.” You are in precisely that circumstance.”

Mulayam Singh Yadav, the head of the Samajwadi Party (SP), has already questioned the death penalty for rapists and said it was wrong to give rapists the death punishment for their errors.

Raising the death penalty for rape is unfair; boys make mistakes; the law will change if we take office, Mr. Singh had said. “Rape ke liye phaansi dena ghalat hai, ladkon se ghalti ho jaati hai, hum satta mein aaye to kanoon mein badlav karenge (Handing death sentence for rape is not fair; boys make mistakes;

On March 20, 2020, the four defendants in the 2012 Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder case was hung to death at Delhi’s Tihar prison, putting an end to the drama surrounding the execution that saw the death sentences revoked three times for different reasons.

The 23-year-old paramedic student was raped and subjected to horrific torture by the four convicted criminals, two others, including Ram Singh, and a juvenile aboard a bus in south Delhi on the evening of December 16, 2012. After fighting for his life at a hospital in Singapore, the victim passed away a few days later. She had previously been hospitalized at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi.

The incident had sparked outrage throughout the nation, particularly in Delhi, where many people took to the streets to call for justice for the victim, who had been given the new moniker “Nirbhaya,” meaning the courageous.