Telangana CM KC Rao urges people not to follow the BJP's policies

On Tuesday, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and urged people not to be victims of its policies.

KCR opened the District Collectorate office in Vikarabad on Tuesday. He spoke on occasion and stated, “Telangana must be safeguarded to prevent foxes from returning and devouring it once again. We must make sure that the previous system is not reinstated. We must not allow the situation to become worse again and must resist their political pressure. I battled throughout the agitation for 14 years. I reached this position by pushing myself to the point of death. We have several welfare programmes in place. These plans should all continue. Agriculture, IT, and industries should all develop.”

Telangana, according to KCR, is advancing and making remarkable development in all areas.

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“People at the Center claim that what we provide is free. Some individuals blocking my bus had flags. What did they accomplish? The BJP has been in power for eight years. People should talk about it. We shall be robbed if our culture is not politically aware. In the hands of the unified overlords, we were crushed. Back then, farmers ate curd rice and perished from pesticide ingestion. We must watch out for a repeat of such conditions “Mr. Rao said.

According to the Telangana chief minister, no one has profited from the federal government.

“If you fall for the BJP flag’s deception, they will install power metres in the fields and fill the tummies of large people. Shouldn’t power be provided for free in fields? The cost of gas and gasoline has skyrocketed. Bank robberies are common. Theft of thousands of crores of rupees has occurred “He said.