The Last of Us 3 Release Date on PS 4, PS5, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch

The Last of Us 3 Release Date: Fans are eager to know when the release date for The Last of Us 3 will set. 

It’s been a while since the first game was a bit controversial; however, it’s clear that Ellie’s story isn’t finish.

 We’ll look into whether we’ll get another game in the series soon and what platforms it could launch below.

When will be The Last of Us 3 release date be?

Naughty Dog hasn’t confirmed that The Last of Us 3 is currently in development, and there’s no release date established.

 The director Neil Druckmann stated in the podcast during April 2021, both he along Halley Gross had written an outline, but The Last of Us 3 was not develop.

As Abby and Ellie resolve their differences in the final episode second episode of The Last of Us 2, There’s still plenty of threads that can tangle in the universe.

 The Fireflies are beginning to make changes, leading them to attempt to capture Ellie because she’s the only person immune to Cordyceps fungus. 

The relationship between her and Dina is getting rocky as she heads out to search for Abby.

 As the game ends, we don’t know whether Ellie plans to come back to her home in Jackson and if or not she head to the other side of the ocean.

We’re also not sure of Abby or Lev’s destiny. They’ve been planning to join the Fireflies; however, is the group reforming?

 There is a chance that the new Fireflies will not share the same goals as the old one.

 In addition, there could be slavers, like the Rattlers’ gang all over the US, who will be standing in Abby or Ellie’s manners.

Which platforms is it planned to release on?

With the time it takes to make The Last of Us game, we probably won’t get The Last of Us 3 until the very end of the PS5’s lifetime. So it could not release until after the PS6 comes out.

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