The pilot is responsible for the Kerala plane crash

The pilot is responsible for the Kerala plane crash, the official report states.

Due to the pilot’s negligence, the Bande Bharat Mission plane crashed at Kozhikode Airport (Kerala Plane Crash) in Kerala. 21 passengers died.

Thirteen months after the accident, such information came to light in the official report on the cause of the accident. It has been stated in the report published in the national media.

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Kerala plane crash August 6, 2020

August 6, 2020, One of the darkest days in Indian aviation history. At the Bande Bharat Mission, 127 passengers returned to India from Dubai on an Air India Express flight.

The plane crashed to the ground at Kozhikode Airport in Kerala. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has formed a high-level investigative committee to determine why the incident occurred, whether by accident or negligence.

According to sources, the committee presented a 256-page report on Saturday night. Multiple sensational events have emerged in the report.

According to the source, the pilot’s negligence in the report as a possible cause of the accident. “The pilot did not follow standard operating procedures or specific rules when landing.

A ‘turn around’ warning was issued halfway across the runway. But he didn’t care. Go ahead, pilot. The plane lost control due to its negligence”. What are these round-trip warnings?

Go Around in aviation terms means that if the pilot realizes that the landing is unsafe, then the landing plan called “Go Around” is canceled.

Due to the thick clouds, the pilot did not know that he had left the runway during the landing. But the follow-up pilot told him to turn around more than once. But the pilot disagreed.

Kerala’s Kozhikode Airport has seen one of the worst plane crashes of the decade.