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The UK starts training Ukrainian Troops in their land

The UK starts training Ukrainian Troops in their land. 

For the first time since the Russian invasion, a limited number of Ukrainian troops are being trained in Britain as Prime Minister Boris Johnson ramps up his military backing to help Ukraine fight its neighbor. 

According to Johnson’s spokeswoman, the troops began training this month with armored patrol vehicles the United Kingdom gave.

Ukraine will receive 120 armored patrol vehicles from the United Kingdom, including the Mastiff, which may be used for surveillance or patrol. 

According to the spokesman, Britain is delivering new equipment to the Ukrainian military, which they may not have used before, in collaboration with its friends.

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“It’s only natural that they receive the necessary training to make the greatest use of it,” the spokesman said. “We are always aware of anything seen to be escalatory. But the actions of (Vladimir) Putin’s regime are escalatory.”

Since the start of the war, Johnson has been at the forefront of efforts to supply Ukraine with military supplies while under heat over parties at his Downing Street mansion during the coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

The British leader has developed tight ties with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking with him daily and paying him a visit in Kyiv.

In April, members of the Ukrainian administration visited a military camp on the Salisbury Plain in the United Kingdom, where they were shown demonstrations of equipment. 

They discussed how the government could deliver weaponry. Since the invasion of Crimea in 2014, the British military has been training Ukrainian forces. 

They were removed in February to prevent a confrontation with Russian soldiers and the risk of NATO becoming involved.

Since the start of the war, Britain has supplied Ukraine with anti-ship, anti-aircraft, and light anti-tank weaponry, effective against Russia’s armored vehicles by mobile Ukrainian fighters.

The US military is also teaching Ukrainian forces how to operate howitzer artillery, while the UK teaches Ukrainians how to use anti-aircraft weaponry in Poland.



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