'They exist only on paper: Kejriwal Slam Congress

‘They exist only on paper: Kejriwal Slam Congress

Arvind Kejriwal, national convener of the AAP, urged voters on Sunday to abstain from voting for the Congress and make sure that the grand old party does not get a single vote in the forthcoming Gujarat assembly elections.

He said that if the Aam Aadmi Party wins over supporters who are upset with the BJP’s current leadership but do not want to support the opposition Congress, it would be able to establish the next government in Gujarat.

Speaking to an audience of 7,000 newly-elected Aam Aadmi Party officials in Ahmedabad, Kejriwal said that although the Congress only existed on paper in Gujarat, the AAP has grown to be far larger; than the major opposition party “with lakhs of people joining the AAP in a short period.”

The Delhi chief minister asked AAP office-holders to explain to voters the excellent work done by the party in Delhi and Punjab while seeking their support in Gujarat, claiming that a BJP delegation from Gujarat recently visited Delhi had failed to find any shortcomings in schools and hospitals there.

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“I am confident in saying that AAP today has a larger organization in Gujarat than Congress, which has a long history in the state. On paper, Congress merely exists. Despite the fact that tens of thousands of individuals are joining the AAP, it has no office holders or employees “said he.

According to Kejriwal, AAP would surpass the BJP in size in Gujarat once its booth-level setup is in place in a month.

He said that although the BJP pays individuals to work for them, AAP employees cannot be purchased with money since they are patriots.

“Inform voters that it is useless to vote for Congress. People voted for Congress the last time with enormous optimism. However, 57 Congress MLAs have already quit (in Gujarat). Encourage people to support Congress instead of wasting their ballots. Make sure that in the forthcoming elections, Congress does not get a single vote, “added he.

Kejriwal advised AAP members to attempt to win over people who are upset with the BJP’s leadership but do not want to embrace Congress.

“They ultimately voted for the BJP (for the lack of option). Nothing can stop us from establishing a government in Gujarat if you can persuade them to back AAP “said he.

Additionally, there are a lot of individuals who are upset with the BJP but do not want to support Congress. They despise Congress, yet with no other choice, they vote for the BJP. He remarked that these individuals should help us if they are upset with the BJP and do not vote for Congress.