Top 5 Foraging Locations in Lost Ark to Level Up

Top 5 Foraging Locations in Lost Ark : There are plenty of different activities and events you may join and leave as you choose in Lost Ark if there is one thing it isn’t short on. Foraging is the practice of searching the area for plants to collect.

And yeah, it’s a talent that’s helpful. You’ll need to know the top 5 locations to level up foraging in Lost Ark since it’s fantastic for manufacturing potions (that could save your life).

Oracle Forest

In the beginning, you’ll need the best zone to build up your foraging ability. In such a case, Delphi Forest is where you ought to go. Tier 1 flowers will often spawn, to begin with.

And if you’re fortunate, you could even find tier 2 flowers. You will get extra experience for choosing items of a higher tier.

Monastery of Medrick

Enter the Medrick Monastery in Lost Ark to level up your foraging skill if you don’t mind a little risk.

Tier 2 flowers spawn more often in Medrick Monastery than in Delphi Forest. However, you can easily beat the opponents who are out and about, so don’t worry.

Island Lullaby

Lullaby Island is unique in that it is also beneficial for mining, logging, and foraging skill leveling. It’s also not vast; you can circle the island endlessly without taking too long.

Most significantly, it’s one of the safest places to level up foraging since you won’t encounter any beasts.

Island Slime

Slime Island is on the other extreme of Lullaby Island’s safety and tranquility spectrum. Because Slime Island is a PVP area, players may and will attack you when they get the chance.

Strong monsters are also present there. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the top five locations in Lost Ark to level up foraging.

We advise equipping teleportation, dash, and movement speed abilities—anything you have at your disposal that enables you to move swiftly and away from other players attempting to attack.

Alternatively, you might hold off until you have amassed a complete set of endgame gear.

Nahun’s Domain: Platinum Fields

You come across a unique ticket, the Platinum Field Ticket while honing your trading talents.

If you get one, you may visit a zone that is the most delicate area to level up foraging, logging, mining, fishing, hunting, and excavating. It’s kind of like getting the Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka.

Sadly, locating one is a random process. But, at least you know that if you use any of your trade talents, Platinum Field Tickets will drop. So hold onto it until your trade skills reach level 10 if one does fall. Every node is therefore open for gathering in this manner.

Two routes will be accessible when you use your Platinum Field Ticket in Lost Ark: Old Yudina Canal and Nahun’s Domain. Pick Nahun’s Domain to level up foraging.

This concludes our overview of the best 5 locations in Lost Ark for foraging leveling. Please take a look at our fishing guide while building your trade abilities.