Tottenham Boss Antonio Conte

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte claimed he feels “relaxed” about the lineup he would choose for Tuesday’s Champions League match against Sporting Lisbon.

The game comes after an unusual weekend off since Premier League games had to be postponed due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Conte also said that he might alter his plans since he has access to practically a complete squad.

He said the scenario had changed since I didn’t play on Saturday.

Tottenham’s only injury concern for the game, which follows the cancellation of their Premier League trip to Manchester City, is Lucas Moura.

Italian Conte said, “You risk having more injuries and less vitality when you play every three days.

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The delay of the game versus City has allowed me to modify the lineup I had in mind for tomorrow’s game, so I’m more at ease when selecting my starting 11.

Conte said that he had paid his respects at Buckingham Palace. “I visited Buckingham Palace on Friday because I am confident this will remain in our memories for the rest of our lives.

“I want to send the Royal Family my sympathies on behalf of the club and the players. Then, we will play football as scheduled, but I believe the Premier League made a wise choice by suspending play to honor the Queen’s passing.”

Sporting defeated Eintracht Frankfurt 3-0, while Tottenham defeated Marseille 2-0 at home to start their Group D campaign.

Ruben Amorim, a sports trainer, added: “The group’s undisputed favorites are Tottenham. They are a squad with one of the best offenses in the world, a successful Italian and English coach, and top-tier players.

We will need to be cautious because they will penalize us for even the slightest error since they are good in transitions and have a lot of talent on set pieces.