Monday, January 17, 2022
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UK is Facing Massive increases in Daily Covid Cases: More than 100000 cases is the biggest daily increase

The UK is Facing Massive increases in Daily Covid Cases: More than 100000 cases is the biggest daily increase. 

London: The United Kingdom is witnessing a significant increase in the number of cases of Covid-19. The day before (December 22), the country beat all records when the UK reported 1,062,122 cases of coronavirus. 

Unfortunately, this is the biggest single day of coronavirus since the epidemic began!

In the last 7 days, the nation has reported 6,432,219 Covid-19 cases. Recently the UK has reported the highest number of infections per day due to the rise in Omicron. 

There have been 140 reported deaths in the UK within the last 24 hours.

In the early morning hours, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that the country’s National Health Service and care personnel have been exceptional throughout the pandemic and are working tirelessly throughout Christmas to deliver shots to boost the immune system of those who need.

On Tuesday, despite the rise in infections, Johnson had declared that people could keep the Christmas festivities. 

“But we are keeping a constant eye on the data and can not rule out any further measures after Christmas. So please continue to be cautious, follow the guidelines, and get boosted now,” Johnson declared in a tweet posted on Tuesday.

Cases of Omicron are rising throughout The UK while hospitalizations are increasing rapidly in London. 

In light of the increase in infections, UK ministers have advised citizens to take precautions and get vaccinations.

According to a Reuters report that was published, the British government announced that as of Wednesday, it would reduce the self-isolation time for Covid-19 to seven days, down from the current 10 days for patients living in England who have an unfavorable result from the lateral flow test after two days in consecutive days. 

In light of the Omicron variant rapidly spreading throughout Britain and record numbers of cases seen over the past week, numerous industries are dealing with filling their staffs, and hospitals have warned of a negative impact on the safety of patients. 

In the same report, there are 129 patients in hospitals with the Omicron variant, and that so far, 14 patients have died from the virus, according to UK government statistics. 

As a result, Scotland and Wales have stated that they’ll introduce new restrictions to stop the spread of the virus.


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