Under The Agnipath The Indian Air Force Has Received Record Break applications

Compared to the previous recruiting process, the Indian Air Force has received the most applications via the new military recruitment program, Agnipath.

A four-year service tour of service is permitted by Agnipath, after which 25% of soldiers would be integrated into the military depending on their performance.

The Indian Air Force, or IAF, tweeted after registration closed, “Compared to 6,31,528 applications in the past, which was the most in any recruiting cycle, this time 7,49,899 applications have been received.”

Age requirements for Agniveers are 17 and a half to 21 years old.

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Military hopefuls who missed out on two years of recruiting due to the COVID-19 epidemic now have a single opportunity to apply for Agnipath.

After protests erupted, the administration raised the scheme’s maximum age restriction in June from 21 to 23 years.

Concerns about what would happen to them after their four years of service have been voiced by several Agnipath candidates.

In response, the administration has made several announcements and advised them on what they may do when their tour of duty is complete to address their concerns.

There would be many Agniveers who may join the national paramilitary forces.

Since they don’t need to be taught from scratch, this is advantageous to both the military and Agniveers.