Different Brim Styles for Your Hat to Take Your Fashion Quotient to the Next Level

Consider adding some additional intrigue to your attire by flaunting a variety of brim hats. A brimmed hat could be an excellent accessory for adding a cool element to your outfit. As per fashion designers and fashion aficionados, currently, there is a demand for wide-brimmed hats. Sun smart and stylish people are opting for hats with relatively wider brims.

Your hat is not simply an accessory for boosting your aesthetic appeal, but it is a functional and versatile hat. Every part or component of a hat seems to have a specific function. A brim is best for protecting you from the scorching heat of the sun, covering your head from freezing winds, or completing your overall outfit.

According to Forbes, a 50+ SPF sunscreen lotion is maybe your most trusted shield against the harsh sun, but a protective hat could be its slick and sophisticated partner in sun protection.

Different Brim Styles for Your Hat to Take Your Fashion Quotient to the Next Level

It is critical to know about the different types of brims so that you can make the right choice. As per hat connoisseurs, your hat’s brim helps to impact the overall facial look more than the color or crown of the hat.

A perfect hat will be striking the right balance between the hat and the specific dimensions or measurements of your head. Always remember that hats are strategically designed with brims for providing greater comfort and shade to your face, head, ears, and neck. Let us explore the different types of brims.

Snap Brims

A snap brim is a unique feature of a fedora hat. It is a kind of brim that may be turned down and up at opposite sides. Celebrities like Humphrey Bogart have been instrumental in popularizing this hat. However, the flexibility and diameter can vary from one size to another.

Fedoras, top hats, and Panama hats come with intriguing snap brims. Snap-brimmed hats seem to be popular among famous jazz musicians. Even gangsters are fascinated by snap-brimmed hats.

Panama hats and fedoras are best for pear or square-shaped faces. If you have unusually big ears, you may opt for a completely snapped-down brim as it helps to draw away the attention from your ears.

Floppy Brims

Women usually prefer floppy-brimmed hats. A brim hat is excellent for a pool or beach outing. The floppy brim looks wide and nice and serves the purpose of giving you adequate sun protection.

Floppy-brimmed hats are also available in woolen versions. Woolen floppy-brimmed hats help to protect your ears by blocking cold winds. Floppy brims are available in various sizes ranging from 4 to 10 inches.

It is best to flaunt your floppy-brimmed hats at an angle that allows perfect facial shape. Women may make a side braid that may be left to lie on your shoulders.

Upturned Brims

Hats with upturned brims like top hats, bowler hats, and homburgs are usually stiffer. Bowler hats have a distinctive bowl-shaped crown and an upturned brim with the edge ending in a pencil roll.

It is common for bowler hats to be called derby hats or coke hats. These hats are ideal for wearing in a windy environment like the races since they sit well on your head and don’t blow away in the wind.

However, bowler hats also find favor with businessmen, especially bankers and professionals because they go well with business suits, lounge suits, and stroller suits in typical formal and business settings. In Bolivia, women wear a bowler on the top of their heads if they are married and on one side if they are widows.

Flat Brims

In a world where many hats have a floppy, snap, or curved brim, hats with flat brims make an inimitable style statement. Popular examples of hats with flat brims are boaters, sennit hats, skimmers, etc.

Flat brim hats became very popular during the 1920s and were considered extremely fashionable. After a long period when the custom of wearing hats almost died a natural death, they are once again back in fashion with celebrities like Maurice Chevalier and Harold Lloyd sporting them.

According to fashion experts, you can get a modern look by wearing your flat brim hat with a light tilt. Women can look attractive wearing flat-brim hats on a messy bun or short hair.

Wide Brims

There is a surfeit of hats styles with wide brims. Bucket hats, Straw hats, fedoras, ranchers, Panama hats, and an assortment of sun hats present a bewildering choice for buyers.

A wide brim hat can take your fashion quotient to another level regardless of whether you are on a dinner date or spending the day on the beach with the kids. The prime function of a wide brim hat is to give your head, neck, and shoulders loads of sun protection. That you look good in them is a bonus. How wide a brim you choose is a matter of personal preference.

But generally, you can go with a brim 3 ½” to 4″ wide if you have an average or large build, but you need to choose something narrower if you are built small and thin. A chin strap comes in handy for preventing a wide brim hat from blowing off your head due to the wind.


When incorporating fashionable hats as accessories, you may choose a simple hat to complement your outfit. It is best to steer clear of something too fussy like embellishments and feathers. Avoid being a spectacle. Choose smart brimmed hats to enhance your personality and style.


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