The US launched a campaign to suppress the militants

After Biden’s warning, the US launched a campaign to suppress the militants.

America is irresistible. President Joe Biden made the remarks as he addressed a demonstration at the US-occupied Kabul airport.

However, on Thursday, a suicide bomber struck the Hamid Karzai International Airport, killing at least 13 US soldiers. “We will chase you,” Biden warned.

Which means: “We will find them guilty and punish them.” According to sources, the president of the United States has already instructed the authorities concerned to find the militants.

Furthermore, he said, the rescue efforts will not stop at all. He said they would all be rescued before August 31.

In his words, ‘the militants have never been able to stop us. Can’t The operation to attack ISIS has already started.’

A suicide bomber struck at the Kabul airport on Thursday. Due to which panic has spread in the minds of Afghanistan. At least 73 people are known to have died in the explosion.

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After that, there was anger in America. Thirteen US soldiers were killed in the incident. Of these, 60 are Afghan Muluk residents.

The Americans began to question how the incident occurred despite 6,000 American soldiers at the scene.

The Taliban have said in a statement that “the territory occupied by the United States has been attacked.” In this case, America’s “ego” has suffered a severe blow.

Meanwhile, US allies had previously said that an attack on the Kabul airport could occur on the same day.

Thousands of people have been at the airport since August 15. The US military began evacuating the airport quickly. Still, only those rescued for security reasons were unable to enter Hamid Karzai International Airport.

However, the crowd naturally headed to the airport. And taking advantage of this opportunity, ISIS planned sabotage.

The United States is currently recovering from the attack, according to Joe Biden. He made it clear that he couldn’t escape.

A bomb blast near the northern city of Kabul killed at least three Afghan soldiers and injured dozens of people, including an Afghan military officer, an Afghan official said.


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