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US president Joe Biden vows to act quickly if Russia invades Ukraine

US president Joe Biden vows to act quickly if Russia invades Ukraine. 

Wilmington- President Joe Biden spoke last Sunday with Ukraine’s head regarding the Russian troop increase near the border with Ukraine and promised the US. Its allies would take action “decisively” if Russia further expanded its military presence in Ukraine.

Biden and President Volodymyr Zlenskyy’s request came as the US and Western allies were preparing for a series of talks to ease an issue Moscow claimed could cause a break in relations with Washington.

“President Biden made clear that the United States and its allies and partners will respond decisively if Russia further invades Ukraine,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement after the conference.

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Psaki said that Biden stressed his commitment to principles such as “nothing about you without you,” the principle that the United States will not negotiate a policy that affects Europe without the input of its allies.

Biden has previously spoken of threatening Russia with economic-stifling sanctions if the country moves onto Ukraine’s territory. However, Biden has said that US military action wasn’t an option last month.

The Kremlin has requested that any growth in NATO exclude Ukraine and other former Soviet countries. They have also demanded that NATO exclude other former Soviet countries. 

In addition, Russians demand the military alliance ban offensive weapons from nations in the region.

The White House has dismissed Russia’s demands for NATO as non-starters. 

However, the principle behind NATO’s founding principles is that the NATO association is the fact that it is available to any country that is a member.

The only exception is that no outsider can have a veto over membership. So although there’s no guarantee that Ukraine will be invited to join the alliance any time shortly, likely, the US and its partners aren’t going to deny it.

Zelinsky tweeted in a post following Sunday’s conference to discuss “keeping peace in Europe, preventing further escalation, reforms, deoligarchization were discussed.” “We appreciate the unwavering support,” Zelenskyy wrote.

The United States has made little advancement to convince Russian President Vladimir Putin to ease tensions. 

High-ranking US officials and Russian representatives are set to gather on Jan. 9-10 in Geneva to discuss the current situation. 

The talks are scheduled to be followed by sessions at the NATO-Russia Council and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Biden talked to Putin for almost 1 hour in the morning on Wednesday. Biden told reporters that he told Putin that his country would be paying a “heavy price” if Russia had gathered around 100,000 troops along the border and took additional actions towards Ukraine.

“I’m not going to negotiate here in public, but we made it clear that he cannot” I insist that he can’t “move on Ukraine,” Biden stated on Friday.

Biden said he spoke to Putin that the Russians needed to make preparations before these meetings to ease the tension. 

When describing the president’s meeting this week, Putin’s foreign policy adviser noted that Biden’s desire to impose the threat of sanctions “could lead to a complete rupture of relations between our countries and Russia-West relations will be severely damaged.”

US intelligence reports indicate that Russia is preparing for an eventual invasion in early 2022. However, White House officials say it isn’t clear whether Putin has already decided to proceed by launching military actions.

However, Biden said he remained optimistic for talks to come. White House officials say they will be in close contact with Western allies

“I always expect if you negotiate, you make progress, but we’ll see,” Biden said in a statement on Friday. “We’ll see.” 

The military actions of Putin have a significant impact in the background as Biden considers the next actions.

The year 2014 was when Russian forces invaded Crimea on the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea and took over the region from Ukraine. 

The annexation by Russia of Crimea was among the most difficult events of Obama’s presidency. Barack Obama on the international scene.

The relationship between Russia and the United States was badly damaged towards the close of George W. Bush’s presidency following Russia’s invasion in 2008 of neighbor Georgia. 

Therefore, the following Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili commanded his troops to enter the separatist South Ossetia region. 

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. 

On Sunday, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said that he was worried that Putin was determined to invade Ukraine and that “nothing other than a level of sanctions that Russia has never seen will deter him.”

“Russia needs to understand we are united in this,” Schiff stated on “Face the Nation” on CBS. “I also believe that the most effective deterrent is to understand that, if they invade, it’s going draw (NATO) closer Russia rather than move it further away.



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