Virat Kohli sent a letter to the board to prevent the match

Virat Kohli sent a letter to the board at midnight to prevent the 5th test match: David Gower.

The controversy over the cancellation of the fifth Test in England has not stopped. This time, former England captain David Gower has the sword on Virat Kohli.

He claims a need for a deeper explanation of the events leading up to the cancellation of the match in Manchester.

His explosive claim was, “Kohli sent a letter to the Indian board the night before the match.” He claimed in an interview with a cricket website.

According to the BCCI, the match had to be canceled as soon as the incident of Kovid-19 came to light. But the English media and former England players are blaming India for not playing the match.

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India did not agree to play the match

Before the fifth Test against England, Team India decided not to take the field. The game was canceled just two hours before the toss.

Kohli and other players refused to play the match after Corona attacked team India physio, Yogesh Parmar.

‘Kohli sends letter at midnight.’

David Gower said in an interview that many times the game is canceled during the game. There are many reasons for this.

But, surprisingly, they canceled the match at the last minute.

Virat Kohli sent a letter to BCCI

The second innings of the IPL is starting from September 19. Many are also blaming the start of IPL for the cancellation of this match.

“If there is any connection with the IPL, it is a matter of great concern to people like me,” Gawar said.

Earlier, Kohli had said in England that Tests were critical to him.

Not just David Gower, many like Mike Atherton are blaming the Indian Premier League for canceling the match.

However, several Indian stars have stood by Kohli’s side. Irfan Pathan quipped on Twitter, “If I lose my teeth, will I still blame the IPL tournament?”

However, the England Cricket Board has also stood by the giants. They are also reluctant to accept IPL as the reason for the cancellation of Tests.

Recently, however, the same thing happened with South Africa. Then England itself was in place of India.

England returned to the country midway through the tour of South Africa as the cricketers refused to play in much the same situation.

Besides, Kevin Pietersen and Michael Vaughan have given the same message to the England Cricket Board.